Video doorbells have become a popular security feature for your home They allow you to see who's knocking at your door and provide peace of mind A study found that burglaries fell by 50 percent in neighborhoods with video doorbells However, some video doorbell brands require you to pay monthly subscriptions for cloud storage and other features There are two main types in video doorbells wired, and wireless Wired doorbells are powered from your home's electricity system Wireless doorbells are wired, but they don't respond as quickly Different video doorsbells have different aspect ratios Some have a 43 aspect ratio and others have a 11 ratio A video doorbell's aspect ratio is an important characteristic to look out for Video doorbells may be expensive Even though the cheapest options can be expensive, they are not always the best This is especially true if you need high-quality footage A wireless video doorbell is an option if you don't have the budget There are also budget-friendly models that offer advanced features Understanding what you are looking for is the best way of choosing a video entry system Nest Doorbell is a top-rated video doorbell https//cualuoichongmuoihoaphatcom/ is still popular and has been on the market since 2018 Its camera is amazing, too It has a 13 Megapixel sensor with a resolution to 960x1280 at 30 frames/second The Nest doorbell also works with Alexa/Google Nest and Apple HomeKit Ring is another popular option for a Video Doorbell The company's Video Doorbell 2020 is packed with amazing features It's the updated version for the Video Doorbell 2 and features a wide range of new features This video-doorbell also offers a better Wi Fi connection It features a zone that detects objects from five to fifteen yards away, which reduces false alarms Another great feature is the ability for video doorbells to send notifications from your smartphone or other devices You can see the screen if someone attempts to break into your house Other purposes are also possible with video doorbells They can be used to monitor the neighborhood and deter burglars Ring video doorbells can be mounted in the most convenient spot with an optional mounting plates It also comes with multiple angles and a mounting bracket that can be adjusted horizontally This allows the camera to be pointed in the right direction, away form motion zones and busy streets There are many video doorbell models available that can be customized to suit your needs Moreover, Ring video doorbells are highly rated by customers, with an average rating of four stars The Eufy Dual Video Doorbell has many great features, but it lacks the live-view option It doesn't offer cloud storage, however, it does have dual cameras that allow for you to check packages at the door The camera can be hardwired to your existing doorbell or connected to it Its dual camera offers excellent night vision