Are you seeking a streamlined solution to oversee your miners efficiently? Look no further than BTC Tools—a powerful batch processing tool designed to enhance the management of your mining operations. Download the latest version for Windows and Linux here. BTC Tools revolutionizes miner management with its robust features, simplifying the often intricate task of monitoring miners. One standout capability is its ability to scan miners across multiple network segments within the LAN, providing a comprehensive overview of crucial details such as hash rate, temperature, fan speed, pool, worker name, and more. The sorting feature in BTC Tools proves invaluable, allowing users to organize miners based on criteria like hash rate, temperature, and worker name. This feature enables swift identification of anomalies, ensuring optimal mining performance. The "Miner Monitor" feature provides real-time updates on miner information, facilitating prompt issue detection and resolution during the sorting process. Users can batch configure miners with pools, worker names, passwords, and mining difficulty, catering to the needs of all or selectively chosen miners. BTC Tools introduces batch rebooting, enabling effortless rebooting of all miners or a selected subset. The tool also features a batch firmware update option, granting users control over power consumption in LPM or Enhanced LPM, as well as the ability to regulate miner frequency in overclock or underclock mode. Supporting most Antminers and some Avalon miners, including Antminer S17, T17, S9, S7, T9, and Avalon A8, A7, and A6 series, BTC Tools is indispensable for adeptly managing miners. The rebooting feature is exclusive to Antminers, while scanning and configuration features are available for both Antminers and Avalon Miners. Discover three pivotal features of BTC Tools: Batch Administration: Seamlessly oversee and configure a multitude of miners with BTC Tools, performing coordinated actions for efficient batch administration. Surveillance: Experience genuine real-time monitoring with the "Monitor Miners" functionality, providing essential information on hash rate, temperature, fan speed, pool, worker name, and more. Personalization: Explore tailor-made customization options, allowing you to configure miner pools, worker names, passwords, power consumption, and frequency with finesse in LPM or Overclock/Underclock mode. Unparalleled and unrivaled, BTC Tools offers a whirlwind of customization for mining enthusiasts. Пример JavaScript для вставки ссылки

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