Pendant alarms can provide elderly and those living with medical conditions an independent living option in their own homes for longer Some models even come equipped with fall detection capabilities Personal alarm systems work by sending signals directly to our 24/7 monitoring centre or your nominated contacts with one press of a button, including GPS-enabled devices that call for help with GPS Talking Pendants Talking pendants provide users with direct communication with response center agents via their alarm pendant without the need for landlines Similar to walkie-talkies, these alarm pendants feature an emergency help button which is used in an emergency situation and typically come equipped with built-in fall detection protection as an added safety measure Studies have demonstrated the significance of early assistance following a fall as being crucial to its survival, thus emphasizing the necessity of installing a home fall detection alarm Consider pairing your alarm system with a key safe for elderly persons to ensure family and emergency services can gain entry quickly in an emergency This may prove especially valuable if you live alone and want peace of mind that you're protected; companies such as Life Alert offer complete packages including this solution 24 Hour Monitoring An elderly personal alarm system can be invaluable in an emergency https//wwwpersonalmedicalalarmsconz/fall-detection-alarms/ Being able to call for help at the touch of a button gives many elderly individuals peace of mind that there will always be help available should something arise that requires immediate assistance Some alarms come equipped with pendant-style alarms designed to be worn around the neck or on a wristband; others can be mobile and used inside or outside of the home All types of devices can communicate with an emergency response center through emergency pendants or watches that provide services like fall detection, GPS tracking and more Personal alarm systems typically connect to a home landline and tap into an existing phone jack, although some like LogicMark work via internet while other systems may connect via mobile phone signal Some companies even offer portable bathroom monitors designed to prevent falls or accidents in the shower or tub Key Safe Key safes are secure metal boxes designed to be attached to exterior walls for secure storage of keys and valuables, featuring a code which only can be entered by someone who knows it - making them an excellent solution for elderly individuals living alone and those who live independently Elderly individuals who own both a personal alarm and key safe can use this secure container to store spare keys for carers, health visitors or other helpers so they can enter without breaking down the door in an emergency situation This can drastically decrease wait time for assistance in an urgent situation A safe alarm gives them independence and peace of mind, while providing their loved ones with security in an emergency situation Should the alarm go off, loved ones will receive a code that can be passed along to emergency services or those authorized to gain entry - helping ensure that assistance doesn't have to wait or they don't risk further injury by breaking in themselves No Landline Needed Many seniors require assistance at home following a fall or feeling unwell, and our alarms for the elderly can provide this essential service with their talking pendants that allow users to communicate directly with family and the SureSafe operator without using mobile phones or texting messages Digital alarm systems differ from traditional landline-connected alarms in that they use mobile signal rather than landlines and come equipped with multi-network SIMs that don't tie you into one network, thus being unaffected by BT's planned digital switchover Personal alarms are easy to set up and can save your loved ones thousands in care costs by eliminating assisted living or retirement homes from their life Simply choose a reputable alarm service with 24/7 monitoring from as little as 48p per day; request a quote now; you can even add features such as fall detection or wandering symptom alerts