Programming Mercedes Keys With a Mercedes Key Programmer It's likely that you will have to program your Mercedes' key at some moment The best method for doing it is to purchase a professional tool that will perform the task correctly There are numerous alternatives available on the market including the Autel IM608 Key Programmer and the Carrfan CK100 While these aren't perfect, they will suffice for the novice or home mechanic How do I program a previously used Mercedes key You might have noticed your Mercedes key fob no longer working to unlock your car's doors and trunk This could be a sign of a problem with your vehicle It is essential to fix it before replacing it A problem with the battery is often one of the first things to consider Examine for damaged fuse boxes and the battery This will help you determine whether there is a problem with the All Activity Module AAM, or the antenna module If you notice a blown fuse in your fuse box, this is an indication that the All Activity Module AAM or the antenna module aren't receiving the signal from the key fob This can be resolved by opening the fuse box inside the engine bay, underneath the rear seat, or inside the trunk After you have opened the fuse box, you should be able see the fuse for the central circuit for the lock If there is a blown fuse it will cause the lock and unlock buttons on your key fob not work The next step is to find locksmiths who can program your key using a mercedes key programmer Unfortunately, this is not an option that Mercedes-Benz dealerships do, so you'll have to locate a professional with prior experience in this type of work Typically, locksmiths buy new keys for the vehicle you're trying to program, and then they will use an instrument called a key programmer, such as CGDI MB Key Programmer or VVDI Key Programmer to program it This is a complicated procedure that is why it is recommended to contact a locksmith prior to making an attempt to do it yourself Another option is to purchase a second-hand or a new Mercedes Benz key online and then have it programmed This will save your time and money, since you don't have to go through the whole process However, the main disadvantage of this method is that the majority of locksmiths aren't knowledgeable about how to program a previously used or a new Mercedes-Benz key This is because the procedure is a bit more involved than with other kinds of vehicles How do you program a new Mercedes key While it is possible to program a used Mercedes key, the process involves removing the chip and erasing the EEPROM memory and requires special tools This can be accomplished with an Mercedes programer like the CGDIMB Key Programmer However it is costly and time-consuming The most common problem a mercedes owner experiences is a key that does not function at all This is usually caused by an inoperative transponder or an electronic control module ECU that needs to be replaced However, it can also be caused by a key that's not fitted with the correct coils or the processor that controls the immobilizer system One of the easiest ways to get a new key that is functional for your Mercedes is to find a professional locksmith who has worked with programming Mercedes keys These experts can make new keys using the VIN of your car and will charge between 200-280 for the procedure To get the best results, it is crucial to select an honest and reliable locksmith who is skilled and required to program your key It is also essential to know if the locksmith has the right equipment and tools to complete the task A Mercedes key is a sophisticated device, and its technology that underlies it is extremely advanced The most difficult component of the process is to remove the chip from the circuit board and erase the memory of the EEPROM While this isn't something that Mercedes-Benz dealers are trained to do however, it is achievable with the assistance of locksmiths The simplest way to do this is by means of the mb key programer, which is available at a price of less than 200 This tool can be used to program a wide variety of Mercedes-Benz models and is less expensive than going to the dealership to get the same service Amazon sells the CGDI MB key programr which is well-worth the cost In addition to the mvmomentary, it's able to program almost all of the standard Mercedes keys, as well as some of the higher end transponders It also supports a number of non-Mercedes models that require a special Mercedes transponder that is branded by Mercedes Where can I buy an used Mercedes key programed If you're looking to program a previously used Mercedes key There are a few options to choose from There are two options either deliver the key to a dealer or hire an auto locksmith Dealerships typically charge more than a locksmith, and can be difficult to find in your local area But, if you know where to look, you might be able to locate an auto locksmith who can program your old Mercedes key for you for less than the dealership would cost A locksmith can program your key using special tools They will need to open the chip inside your Mercedes key and remove its memory EEPROM They can then use a device like the CGDI MB Programmer or the VVDI Key Programmer to reprogram your used Mercedes key for you If you're not familiar with programming car keys, you shouldn't attempt to do it yourself It can be very frustrating, so it is best to let professionals handle it The key code for Mercedes-Benz keys is unique to your car and produced in Germany which makes it an extremely difficult task for locksmiths or mechanics from your local area to make a new key without buying one from Germany http//srv29897ht-testru/indexphpsubaction=userinfoamp;user=formatmouth3 is due to the fact that a new key will need to be programmed using an exclusive code using the VIN number of your car In the past, Mercedes-Benz had keys that could be cut and then matched to the ignition and door lock This system has been replaced with a smart keythat must be programmed prior to being linked to the immobilizer of the car Some Mercedes-Benz owners have tried to program their own keys However, they have realized that this isn't the most effective solution It could cause issues with the ignition system This is especially true with older models that have metal blades, which can wear down over time and cause issues in the ignition box Another problem with the process of reprogramming your keys is that it is an extremely complex process that requires special tools These tools aren't available to all locksmiths, so it is recommended that you take your Mercedes-Benz key to an auto mechanic or dealership to be programmed Where can I purchase a brand new Mercedes key programed A local locksmith is the best choice for programming a brand new Mercedes key They are more likely to be able to program a key from a used one than dealers However, the cost can be exorbitant A reputable locksmith will able program a virgin Mercedes-Benz key using a Mercedes programmer also known by the term Mb reader The MB key programmer is able to read the main chip of the Mercedes key as well as the smaller EEPROM chips that are on the key circuit board The key reader mb can also access the most recent and exciting features in Mercedes-Benz car keys including telematics system Based on the model of your Mercedes this feature could include things like remote locking and unlocking your car, and synchronizing your telematics system with your car's immobilizer, and other advanced technologies One of the most complicated aspects of the mb reader is that it also read the electronic braking and steering systems This can be extremely useful for replacing or repairing damaged electronic components The Mb Key Reader isn't for all, but it could be extremely beneficial to certain people It is especially useful for those who own cars that are older, as they may not come with all the modern features of electronic technology found on more recent models