Personnel GPS Tracking The ability to identify and monitor the location of your drivers, assets, and equipment in real time is a vital component for ensuring your business stays safe and efficient A fleet management system that provides reliable GPS tracking allows you to identify the best performing drivers and those that need additional training, reducing the risk of accidents, theft, and damage to company vehicles and equipment GPS tracking reports provide critical analysis of your business’s efficiency This saves your management team the hassle of having to trawl through endless paperwork every day to find the information they need Tracking Employees GPS trackers can be installed in your employees’ mobile devices to track their movements and ensure they’re where they’re supposed to be at the right time https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/ This can improve accountability, limit potential fraud, and ensure your employees are being honest with you and your customers Protecting Your Assets A good GPS tracking system will provide a clear picture of the exact location of all your vehicles and equipment This can prove invaluable in cases of theft or when an employee is speeding Increase Driver Efficiency A fleet management system that provides reliable GPS tracking can help you optimise routes to reduce travel costs, boost productivity and keep your clients happy It can also help you manage the time of your drivers, ensuring their arrival and departure times match those on the timesheets Preventing Timesheet Fraud Another benefit of using a GPS tracking system is that it can detect any timesheets that aren’t accurate This can prevent potential timesheet fraud and ensure your drivers are being paid for the hours they actually work