Amazon is launching a new program aimed at workplace health and safety It will provide nutritional support and physical activities for its employees By the end of 2021, it plans to reach 1,000 sites across the US, reducing the number of incidents recorded by 50 https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/ Amazon has been under a lot of pressure recently over its productivity and worker conditions The company is also facing a potential unionization effort Workers have been trying to form unions at its warehouses https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/fall-detection/ Earlier this year, an employee died at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey during Prime Days In response, the company published a report on workplace safety This report details the company's "wellness" program, which emphasizes "conditioning" for the job Meanwhile, the US attorney's office in Manhattan has opened a civil investigation into possible fraudulent conduct to cover up injuries They are seeking information from current and former Amazon employees Amazon's "working well" program aims to reduce the number of recordable incidents by 50 by 2025 This initiative is part of the company's ongoing efforts to become the world's safest employer Amazon has been working closely with scientists and industrial health experts to develop effective solutions for workplace safety https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/personal-alarm/ The company has also partnered with universities to perform research One of the most important factors for safety in a warehouse is the use of protective clothing and equipment After the WorkingWell program was launched, Amazon has been conducting thousands of safety inspections each day in its buildings In the last two years, the number of MSDs at the company decreased by 32 percent