Use of GPS Technology in Lone Worker Panic Buttons A lone worker’s ability to call for help in the event of an incident can make all the difference Whether they are attacked, injured or otherwise compromised, a panic button can provide them with the power to discreetly request assistance while simultaneously alerting security personnel to their location, potentially reducing response time https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/fall-detection/ One of the most common ways for a lone worker to request help is via a panic button which can be triggered either manually or automatically through an escalation procedure built into their device or app Often separate devices, these panic buttons can be activated by pressing the button to discreetly request help or by sending an emergency alert through an escalation process in the event of a breach of safety protocol In addition to a panic button, many lone worker apps and devices have other smart alarm functions such as fall detection amp; two-way communication Active Track, for example, is an advanced lone worker safety device with support features including GPS tracking/locating amp; geo-fencing that help to minimize risk by allowing employees to contact a monitoring centre if they are in danger Another advantage of GPS is that it can give real-time positioning information to recipients such as family amp; coworkers, making the employee feel more secure when they are working alone With the MiniFinder GO lone worker safety device, for example, selected contacts can access the user’s position in real time through the easy-to-use dashboard