Personal safety devices uk offer workers an extra level of protection when working alone in dangerous environments They can help reduce workplace injuries and fatalities, as well as insurance costs The use of personal safety devices is on the rise for lone workers They allow lone workers to alert their manager and colleagues if they are feeling unsafe or in distress A personal safety device can be a smart phone app, a lone worker alarm specifically designed for employees who work alone, or an SOS button Some applications can also have a variety of other features like inactivity monitoring, real-time communications, and GPS tracking https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/fall-detection/ Keeping lone workers safe is crucial for employers Recent statistics show that acts of violence contributed to 7 of all non-fatal workplace accidents in the UK last year Employers need to be aware of this trend and consider a personal safety device for lone workers as part of their overall health and safety strategy in the workplace Some lone worker safety devices also include a check-in system that allows lone workers to report their presence and location to their managers This provides supervisors with insight into the activities of their lone workers in real-time and can be used to help them develop safety and training plans for their team members A lone worker safety device that is waterproof can be of great help to lone workers working in environments where they may be at risk of water damage and other weather hazards It can also provide incapacitation detection that can save lives if a worker is unconscious or unable to communicate for help