The European Commission has urged scientists to conduct independent studies on 5G radiation. are crucial for the protection of people from dangers to health that come with 5G networks. are requesting for the European Commission to delay the growth 5G network until these studies are completed. Scientists are also asking the European Commission to delay the deployment of 5G networks until they have a better understanding of the health risks associated with this technology. The radiation from RF causes cancer in rats A new study by researchers from the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) has proved that RF radiation from cell phones could cause cancer in rodents. The researchers discovered that animals were exposed to radiation from radio frequency devices had a higher risk to develop malignant glioma and schwannoma, two types of cancer that can spread to other parts in the body. The authors of the study compared these results with earlier human epidemiological studies and came to the conclusion that RF radiation can cause cancer. The COVID-19 virus is caused by radiation from RF. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has many concerned about the effects of radiofrequency radiation on the human immune system. The novel coronavirus is believed to affect humans and some fear that RF radiation emanating from wireless communications sources could be responsible for the outbreak. To investigate this possibility, scientists from ARPANSA looked at animal studies carried out by the National Toxicology Program to understand how RF radiation affects the immune system. 5G radiation doesn't damage DNA The latest wireless technology, 5G, is a follow-up to 4G. It transmits mobile data via radio waves, which are just a small portion in the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. However, unlike microwaves radio waves don't cause damage to DNA inside human cells. This is supported with the knowledge that International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIR) establishes strict safety limits for mobile phone users. While these limits remain quite high, actual exposures are far less than the maximum allowable exposure limits. 5G radiation doesn't penetrate into the body's tissues 5G radiation, in the millimeter-wave band, doesn't penetrate deep into the body as does the lower-frequency 4G and 3G radiation. This is because the energy of 5G waves are so small that they can't break the bonds of chemical in biological tissue or cause cells to alter. So, 5G radiation has a low impact on the body and is safe to use. 5G radiation can cause COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic is already affecting people all over the globe, and some people are wondering if 5G technology is causing it. COVID-19 is a serious respiratory syndrome coronavirus that is transmitted from person to person through your respiratory tract. People can transmit COVID-19 via singing, coughing, speaking and even breathing. While the 5G network technology may in no way directly trigger COVID-19, it has been linked to other diseases. 2 reviews of the scientific literature on 5G radiation The two recent reviews of science have examined the impact of 5G radiation on the human body's health. These reviews were conducted through the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency and Swinburne University. reviewed 138 research studies that investigated the effects of radio waves that are low-frequency, that range from six up to 1100 gigahertz (GHz). Researchers have connected these waves to proliferative cells and genotoxicity. But, further studies are necessary to determine the long-term effects of 5G radiation on human health.