Double Glazing Door Lock Repairs Are you experiencing issues with your uPVC window or door mechanism faulty Perhaps the handles on your uPVC windows and doors aren't aligned correctly or are difficult to operate You'll lose energy if your double-glazed doors don't work properly This can also increase the likelihood of burglaries https//wwwrepairmywindowsanddoorscouk/coulsdon-windowrepair/ can repair your door lock for a reasonable cost Snapped Key It can be quite frustrating when a key snaps into a lock It can also be a security risk because it could expose you to a burglar if the door does not lock There are a few easy fixes you can make to fix the problem and get your door working again Be calm If you panic you may end up pushing the broken key piece further into the lock Spray WD-40 or another penetrating oil, into the lock This will help the broken piece come out more easily You can also make use of a screwdriver to break up any stuck pieces that could be hindering the flow If you're fortunate enough to have a small piece of the key visible and you want to remove it, make use of a paperclip or other metal object with a thin surface to grab it and pull it out Both of these methods work well, however, be cautious not to push the broken piece of the key further into the keyway Some paperclips have grooved edges which can be used as hook extractors Jigsaw blades are also well for this If you don't have any of them handy, you can make use of needle-nose pliers that bend to create hooks Additionally, a pair of tweezers can be used to grasp and pull out the last bit of the broken key If you are unable to get the broken piece of the key out, try using a lock de-icer It's usually available at all hardware stores It is used to freeze any water or ice that could be in the lock If none of these solutions seem to work, it might be time to contact a locksmith Fitlocks experts can quickly fix issues such as broken handles and snapped keys with uPVC locks and door mechanisms They can also reconfigure the double glazing door mechanisms to ensure that they are simpler to use You can schedule repairs to your double-glazing online or call us to discuss your needs Broken Cylinder A broken cylinder is an extremely risky security issue A professional locksmith is able to fix the cylinder To fix the cylinder a locksmith will need to tap it This can be accomplished with a hammer or other tool However, the most effective method is to make use of a wire or a long match Then, place the match's end or wire close to the keyway The locksmith can strike the lock to crack it open This is better than using the hammer, which could damage the lock Overheating is the main reason behind cylinder heads cracking This can occur when the block and cylinder head are made of different metals such as cast-iron and aluminium When different metals heat up and cool down at different rates, it can cause localised hotspots that expand faster than the rest of the head of the cylinder, leading to cracks Another possible cause of cracks in the cylinder is corrosion If the cylinder head and the block of the cylinder are not properly maintained, it can lead to rusting or corrosion, which may cause them to expand at a higher rate than they should This can cause cracks as time passes If your uPVC window lock or door is brittle or requires lots of pressure to turn, this can be caused by several things A defective locking mechanism, misalignment, or the wear of the handle are typical causes of this issue This is a straightforward and affordable fix that the majority of double glazing owners can do A professional locksmith will usually be able to resolve this issue within a matter of hours of arriving at your property Based on your requirements, they can replace the locking mechanism, change the window handles, or change the gearboxes A professional locksmith will be able to provide you with a recommendation of the most cost-effective option for your home They can even recommend upgrades to the highest-security 3 Star TS007 euro cylinders that will give you an additional layer of security against burglars It is a small cost to pay for the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing your uPVC door is secured Broken Handle It's not surprising that window handle locks could break They have complex mechanisms that become less effective over time If yours breaks, it can be difficult to identify the cause of the issue Make sure that you repair it correctly Repairing your damaged handle, whether it's the internal latch or locking mechanism, will improve the security of your uPVC door and stop draughts It can be expensive to replace or repair your handle if it is not done correctly and can also harm the frame and the lock of your door Screwdriver With the window open, loosen the screw holding the handle The screw should be on the inside of the backplate, usually covered by a screw cap for aesthetic purposes It is not recommended to lose any internal components of the handle such as the plates and levers on either side Keep them in the same order so that it is easier to replace them if needed Then, with an additional screwdriver loosen the screw that holds the handle to the spindle at the back Once the screw is loose, you can remove the handle and take out the broken spindle Replace it with a new one, making sure that it is the same length as the previous one you can usually find these online or in hardware stores and then securely screw it in place Be careful not to tighten too much as this could cause damage to the handle or the window frame Close the handle and test it It should operate smoothly, and you will be able to open your window after a few times Be sure to double-check that your uPVC window is shut properly when you're using the handle If they don't cause draughts and damp in your home, as well as compromising the energy efficiency of your home A local window company, like Core Sash Windows, will be capable of adjusting the hinges on your window frames to ensure they shut correctly Broken Spindle It is more common for the spindle to break than the handle This is particularly typical in uPVC tilt and turn windows These kinds of windows require a handle that is a lock mechanism that is located in the frame of the window The handle is attached to a centre rod that triggers a set of cams that resemble mushrooms, which secure the frame of the window If the dead latch mechanism is not able to open when the handle is turned, it is likely that the spindle has broken, this can be a very frustrating issue Luckily, there are ways to remedy this situation A professional locksmith can quickly and effectively fix this issue A reputable locksmith can disassemble the window's handle using a tool that removes the wheel from the area where the spindle is located This is done without causing any damage to the handle or causing any other damage to the window frame After removing the wheel, the technician can inspect the spindle to determine the cause of the break This involves breaking down the spindle into its individual parts and meticulously noting their general condition, as in addition to any specific areas of wear or damage The process is done in a clean environment by highly skilled technicians Next, clean the damaged spindle This will help remove any dirt or other debris that might be preventing it from functioning normally The spindle can be repaired or replaced If it's being replaced, the technician will need a dowel of a similar size to the original and drill mating holes into both parts of the spindle This will ensure that the spindle will fit perfectly with the handle If the damaged spindle is beyond repair, it may be necessary to replace it completely Home centres sell generic replacements However, If the style of your window is unusual then it will be necessary to contact a wood worker or cabinet maker who can replicate the exact part for you Once the new spindle has been installed it can be positioned to the handle by lining up the holes for screws in the handle with the frames existing screws Once the handle is in place, you can use your uPVC windows