The Basic Slot Symbols When you spin a reel in a slot machine and the machine spins, a variety of symbols will appear and could lead to different payouts Knowing these basic symbols will assist you in becoming an skilled player Fruit symbols cherries and grapes as well as playing card symbols ten through Ace and playing cards 10 through Ace are standard reel symbols There are bonus symbols which trigger bonus games or significant wins Cleopatra Cleopatra Queen of the ancient Egypt is a character who many are attracted Her story is one of love and romance, sibling rivalry taken to extremes, and power and politics She has been depicted on film as well as in paintings and on coins She was described as a tragic woman, beautiful and seductive, who perished by allowing a serpent to bite her But this simplistic description does not reveal her true history as a ruler of a strong independent empire Cleopatra was the last surviving member of the Ptolemaic Dynasty who was the ruler of Egypt, managed to maintain its independence during a period in which other Hellenistic States were being absorbed by the Roman Empire She was a skilled politician, captivating orator, and a talented poet She was a diplomat and a great administrator She gained the respect of her people when she slowed down the hoarding of grain during a food shortage Cleopatra coins were struck in many cities and regions in the eastern Mediterranean From Alexandria in Egypt to Patras, Greece, they depicted her Some depict her with Mark Antony's portrait and her husband, with whom she had an uneasy and long-lasting friendship The portraits differ from coin to coins, but they all share the same level of detail This suggests that the artists followed a predetermined pattern In addition to her shrewish nature, Cleopatra was known for her intelligence and agility She was fluent in three languages including Egyptian and Egyptian, and also knew several other languages Cherry Cherry is among the most well-known slot game symbols It's a scatter symbol in a variety of popular online video slots and can be used to trigger bonus features While it isn't the most lucrative symbol in a slot game it's still popular with players and has a rich history that makes it a significant part of the culture of slot machines Originally, the symbols on the machines were cards Charles Fey, inventor of the first slot machine designed it to look like an actual poker machine He used standard playing card symbols, ranging from 10 to Ace Later he added bars and bells to the reels, which became the typical symbols of slot machines we recognize today These symbols can be seen in nearly every modern slot machine game As technology advanced and developers were able to design more elaborate themes for slot machines, they added new kinds of symbols to keep players entertained Wild symbols are one of them They appear randomly on the reels and can be used to make winning combinations Scatter symbols, which typically trigger free spins, are also popular among slot players They can increase your chances of winning by triggering bonus games, which can result in additional spins or even winning a jackpot In the early 1900s, gambling machines were outlawed The fruit symbols we see today are the result of this ban Industry Novelty Company developed fruit-themed slot machines that distributed gum instead of money to get around the prohibitions The fruit symbols were popular because they were easy to spot and also added sweetness to the machine Cherries, grapes, lemons, and watermelons were the most well-known fruit-themed slot symbols Another iconic slot symbol is the lucky number 7, which has been associated for a long time with luck and prosperity in various cultures and superstitions worldwide It's a perfect fit for slot machines, which are known to deliver big payouts to players who hit lucky numbers on the reels Seven is an iconic theme in popular culture, appearing in films music, and other kinds of entertainment Bar amp; Bell Bells and BARS are the only casino icons that still harken back to the humble beginnings of slot machines in the current age of animated graphics, 3D symbolism and themed games When Charles Fey's Liberty Bell slot was mass manufactured in 1902, machines were no longer allowed to pay players in coins To avoid this, manufacturers began to experiment with various ways to reward players Initially, they paid out gum and candy bars which led to the term "fruit machines As a result the appearance of cherries, grapes, and plums began appearing on reels as well The bell sound, which was used to announce every win, remained The BAR symbol was replaced by these earlier images, and can be seen in many modern games https//rainbetcom/casino/slots/smartsoft-para-dice-10 can be found in almost all types of slots, ranging from classic three-reel versions to five-reel, multi-line versions The meaning of the word can be a bit obscure as it is dependent on the theme of the game 777 The symbol 777 is a slot machine icon that represents the highest possible payout It can also be used to unlock bonus features and trigger other rewards It's a simple and attractive design that makes it a favorite with players 777 slots also feature symbols that relate to the theme of the game A slot with a pirate theme for instance, might include an anchor, a treasure chest parrot, ship and anchor There are a variety of slot symbols, each with its own unique function and value to the game Some pay higher than others, while others provide the same payout regardless of their position on the reels Standard, Wild and Multiplier are the most frequently used symbols found in slot games Each symbol has a unique role in a slots machine but they all work to increase the odds of forming a winning combo The standard slot symbols are the basic symbols that are familiar to anyone who's played a slot machine These include the classic suit of cards Diamond, Spade, Heart, and Club and the iconic fruit symbols that so many people identify with slot machines They usually pay less than high-paying symbols, such as scatters and bonus symbols Thematic reel symbols are the most frequently used high-paying symbols in the reels of a slot machine They match the theme of the game For instance, a pirate-themed game could feature high-paying icons such as a parrot, ship treasure chest, a ship and cannon These symbols can help you win big Wild symbols are the second most common slot symbols and act as a "joker" in the game They substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations and may even increase the payout amount of any winning line they're part of Some Wild symbols can also be Multiplier symbols, which can increase the winnings of any payline they appear on by 2x, 3x or 5x The multiplier's value is contingent upon the specific game played and the rules for it