How to Repair Double Glazing Double-glazed windows are long-lasting and secure, but they do wear out over time Signs that your double glazing requires repair are an odor of draught, or condensation in between the window panes Fogging or condensation between the panes is usually a sign that the seal binding the glass panes together has deteriorated This can be fixed by the reseal Seals Seals are an essential part of double glazing as they boost the efficiency of energy and insulation of the windows They are situated between the glass panes of uPVC frames and create an airtight seal that helps keep out rain and wind as well as condensation and drafts that can cause damp on the walls and window sills Additionally, window seals help keep warm air inside and cold air out which can significantly reduce heating costs It's not uncommon for the window seals to develop a problem This is usually due to exposure to extreme weather conditions and harsh elements such as high winds, snow and rain It can also be caused by faulty installation or chemicals like paint strippers that damage the rubber If the window seals fail, moisture and humidity may seep through the glass panes causing fogging or misting It could also affect the insulation properties of double glazing because it won't have the inert gas between the panes that helps to keep heat in If you know what to watch for, it's possible to perform some DIY double-glazed window seal repair However, it's always best to contact an expert window repair service to complete the task They can seal the windows to restore their insulation and energy efficient properties and also eliminate any unattractive condensation that has developed between the glass panes Many double-glazed windows are covered under warranty which means they can be fixed or replaced at no cost to the homeowner It's a good idea to check the warranty documents that was included with your double glazing or contact the company you purchased it from to determine whether they can provide any assistance Review your insurance policy for your home for coverage in case of double glazing problems If you're covered by insurance, it's important to make an insurance claim as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary costs You can also consult the local authority's Building Control department for further assistance and advice Glass Double glazing can have problems The most common problem is misting, which occurs when the seal between two panes is broken and moisture collects Fortunately, misted double glazing can be fixed without the expense of replacing the entire window It is possible to fix it by removing the affected glass, blowing air into the gap and forming the seal Glass can be used to create double glazed windows in various sizes and shapes Some are plain, such as mirrors, or safety glass that is tempered to increase its strength and safety features Certain types of glass have coatings applied to enhance their properties Solar control glass can be used to reduce glare and heat transfer Glass that is extra clean is also stain-resistant and self-cleaning Certain manufacturers also produce high-efficiency double-glazed units These units utilize insulated glass and special films to stabilize the internal temperature so that cooling and heating systems don't need to work as hard Often, these are an affordable alternative to replacement windows and offer great energy savings They must be maintained correctly, as they can lose their effectiveness as time passes When you notice a problem, it is crucial to contact the company where you purchased your double glazing Contact them by phone and then follow up by sending a letter or email This way, you'll have proof that you've informed them about the problem and that you and the company agreed to fix it This is essential for claiming any warranties you have Many businesses offer 10 or 20-year guarantees, while some offer lifetime warranties Frame The frames that support double glazing are made from materials like wood and plastic that can be damaged by a variety different ways Frames that are damaged can allow cold air into your home, which could increase your heating costs Frames can also become warped, twisted and discolored over time It may be necessary to replace them or at the very least paint them and sand them down to restore their appearance If you have a problem with the frames of your windows it is recommended to contact a glazier for assistance since they have the experience and tools required to carry out this type of repair You can complete some repairs on your own, but it's typically faster and less costly to seek professional advice Having a qualified glazier do the job will ensure that the repair is done correctly and you are able to claim any expenses back Condensation between glass panes is a typical sign that double glazing requires repair This is usually a sign that the seal between the glass panes has broken allowing air to get This causes the moisture to drop and it can make your home feel cold and stale It is recommended to fix this in the earliest time possible to avoid recurring problems If the window isn't damaged or cracked it might not be required to replace it In reality the frame itself may be in excellent condition, so it would be more cost effective to simply replace the glass unit within the window Many companies will offer an same-day repair for double glazing however, it is essential to understand what you require before asking for a quote It is not uncommon for sales reps to attempt to convince people to buy more expensive repairs than they actually need It is a good idea to know what you need and what it will cost and the reason you'll need it to be able to detect a sales tactic that is high-pressure It is recommended to have your double-glazing examined every couple of years since this will keep them in good order and prevent problems It is recommended to get an estimate from a reputable company if you need to repair your double glazing They will have the knowledge and experience to fix your problem quickly Locks A reliable tradesperson will put the lock on your window regardless of whether you are installing new windows or fixing double glazing The installer should be able to discuss the different locking systems that are available in the estimate and what best suits your lifestyle and the local crime rate Espagnolette is a very popular choice, which uses mushroom-headed bolts that are inserted behind the frame's locking points They are usually used in uPVC windows and doors but they can also be added to timber and aluminium Other locks are designed to limit the number of times windows can open If yours is a casement type window, consider installing a Canzak Window Restriction Cable that functions like the chain lock used for doors and can be secured to either side of the opening to prevent it from opening too wide It is also simple to install and is among the only locks that can be used with casements For windows with sash with hinges, a hinged wedge lock is an easy solution to stop the lower sash from rising enough to allow an intruder into the Cut a piece of wood to the length of the channel that operates the lower sash Fit it in, and tack it to the wall and frame You can also put in a sash or casement lock https//wwwrepairmywindowsanddoorscouk/wimbledon-windowrepair/ are more robust than latch locks and are usually coupled with them to help ensure that windows are secure They are situated on the outside of windows and are utilized on double and single-hung windows as well as sliding ones Other ways to improve the security of double-glazed windows is by adding the shoot bolt lock system These locks are made by bolts that are shot from both ends to create a very strong lock They are typically offered as an upgrade, and are suitable for both residential and commercial usage Verify that your double-glazing installer is accredited by an industry body such as Checkatrade to ensure that they have the expertise and experience to perform high-quality work in accordance with their standards