Amazon delivery drivers face a unique set of security concerns, including leaving work late at night or working in hazardous environments For them, a personal safety device with a panic button and inactivity monitoring can help protect their wellbeing and make their life easier during lone times Sabre Pepper Spray Keychain Using pepper spray in self defense is a tried-and-true way to fend off an attacker https//loneworkerdevicescouk/man-down-alarm/ This Sabre model is billed as police-strength spray, and it comes with a keychain personal alarm that delivers an eardrum-piercing 120dB siren to attract attention or deter potential attackers The Garmin 010-01879-01 InReach Mini For people who spend a lot of time hiking, camping or traveling through areas with little to no cell service, this tiny satellite communicator can be used to send two-way text messages over the global Iridium network to let family and friends know where you are at all times It also allows you to access downloadable maps and US NOAA charts, color aerial imagery and tons more if you find yourself in need of assistance AllsWell Alert This personal safety amp; emergency alert app for iOS and Android phones combines the panic button functionality of physical devices with inactivity monitoring, sending your loved ones a personalized alert to let them know you are safe when you can't press a button https//loneworkerdevicescouk/ It's a modern substitute for physical devices, and it's a safer, cheaper and more convenient way to get comprehensive personal protection functionality