24 February 2023 In the first nine months, China’s furniture exports to the European Union increased by 21% compared to the preceding year to €11.764bn. Development varied across the individual quarters. After an increase of 40% in the first quarter, exports declined by 14% in the second. High corona infection figures and the lockdowns imposed by the Chinese government in this context likely played a role in the decline. For the third quarter, export trade statistics published by Eurostat show there was again a significant increase of 70% to €3.397bn. The picture/video shows a rocking chair from China. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance. It is made of environmentally friendly materials and is friendly to the environment. For details, please click on our homepage.......more. An adirondack Rocking chair from China plastic chair / outdoor furniture / outdoor chair click» http://www.bjhpe.com click» http://www.b2bde.com/news/