Duress alarms can be invaluable safety tools in situations in which individuals face physical danger or harm, with discreet calling for help being possible via either large and visible alarms or small ones that remain undetectable Duress alarms should notify both security personnel and residents in a facility of its activation to ensure appropriate action will be taken to safeguard those whose duress alarm has been activated This ensures appropriate responses can be taken to protect those whose alarm has been activated Panic Button A panic button is a discreet device used to alert authorities in an emergency situation These alarms are typically activated during very dangerous incidents like bank robbery or active shooter situations and should never be disregarded by law enforcement agencies https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/personal-alarm/ These buttons can be found installed throughout various buildings such as banks, schools and hospitals and are designed to allow those in danger access to help without giving away their location or creating further harm These alarms should always be taken seriously by law enforcement as their alarms signal potential life-threatening situations like bank robbery or active shooter situations should trigger their alarms alarms - typically these alarms should trigger law enforcement agencies during situations triggered by potentially deadly events like bank robbery or active shooters triggering these buttons off alarms from law enforcement agencies triggering law enforcement agencies resulting in rapid intervention by law enforcement agencies in response Dependent upon the threat to your facility, you may opt for either an audible or silent panic button For employees frequently approached by aggressive members of the public who threaten physical harm to them or nearby security staff, an audible panic button can provide effective protection from injury or further danger Its audible sound can scare them off while alerting nearby security personnel of an imminent risk - saving employees from injury or further danger themselves Furthermore, systems can be configured to notify all occupants or only specific groups such as security teams as well as sending text or emails directly to individuals' mobile phones when someone presses one On the other hand, a silent panic button may come in handy for someone experiencing more subtle forms of harassment For instance, security guards working in building lobby may find it hard to call for assistance over the phone without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves and potentially exacerbating an already dangerous situation A silent panic button allows them to seek assistance without drawing unnecessary attention to themselves and potentially aggravating matters further As well as offering workers security, panic buttons can also provide elderly residents with peace of mind in case of falls or medical emergencies while living alone A panic button worn around their neck or in their pocket gives residents peace of mind knowing they can quickly contact help whenever necessary day or night Silent Button California-designed durable mute buttons make an excellent companion during video calls, with rubber bases that prevent it from moving around on tables, sturdy frames that withstand accidental bumps and drops, satisfying mechanical feedback button keys for quick muting/unmuting capabilities and taking up minimal desk space - no special configuration is required to set it up; its base also supports Power over Ethernet PoE, so other devices connected through PoE network ports can be controlled from desktop applications via this mute button Add or Edit Pattern Dialogs see Pattern Dialogs Silence Window Displaying the period during which alarms on matching traffic are muted by clicking this field's Calendar button, this field shows when alarms on matching traffic will no longer trigger alarms on matching traffic alarms Never Expire switch can also be toggled to remove silence window's end and keep pattern active permanently whereas Comment field allows entering comments regarding it Wearable Button Wearable buttons are designed to be worn as pendant necklaces, wristbands or badges and when pressed send a silent alert that immediately connects to 911 or your emergency contacts list https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/ It is an ideal device for individuals who do not feel confident using their cellphone in an emergency situation Sometimes individuals who work alone require quick assistance Hotel housekeepers, security personnel, real estate agents, social workers or any individual working in hazardous environments or isolated situations require access to fast help at the press of a button Wearable panic buttons provide an empathetic and accessible method of emergency notification that any worker can use regardless of setting When an employee presses a wearable button, an alert is transmitted directly to their phone which then notifies a group of emergency contacts or 911 instantly Additionally, this device can trigger wireless PA speakers with recorded voice messages; LED corridor and corridor lights; as well as send text messages directly to staff pagers - providing additional visual cues if necessary Intrado's Wearable Panic Button, part of our Safety Suite, is an ID badge-sized device with customizable activation options and multiple color choices that allows programmability Alert types and priority are customizable while location data incident details, floor plans etc is automatically shared with first responders to facilitate faster response times https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/panic-alarm/ The system utilizes GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of an individual who triggered an alarm, and this information is relayed in real-time to internal systems like RTLS badges that display alerts or nurse call stations for quick and efficient response while remaining completely transparent about all relevant issues This enables in-house teams to respond promptly while still remaining transparent about any relevant details of a situation Intrado's wearable device is produced by a top-tier manufacturer known for quality, testing, and support Unfortunately, many lone worker safety companies rely on third-party panic buttons that don't meet these high standards - in an emergency they can fail to notify users due to locked phones or closed and unavailable apps, leaving users vulnerable whereas Intrado's wearable panic button always functions regardless if their phone is off, locked or unavailable