Explore Boat Rentals in Havre de Grace Marina

Find your dream boat getaway at Havre de Grace Marina It's located at 352 Commerce Street, Havre de Grace, MD 21708 You can call 410-939-0015 for more info This spot is known for offering everything a boater needs

It has all the basics like places to park your boat temporarily, fuel stops for gas and diesel, and where to empty your waste Plus, they have bait and ice available This makes it a one-stop shop for all things boating

Whether you want to rent a boat on a budget, go sport fishing, or sail with loved ones, they've got you covered Prices vary from 200 to 1,000, depending on what you need and how long you'll be renting1

Key Takeaways

Why Choose Havre de Grace Marina for Boat Rentals

Looking for top-rated marina boat rentals Havre de Grace Marina is your go-to It offers a wide variety of services Whether you want luxury boats or simple rentals, they have it all

A Range of Services and Amenities

The marina has everything you need This includes water, electric, WiFi, picnic spots, and more They have shoreside facilities and even ice for your boat You can trust your boat is well taken care of here

The marina has grown a lot, now with over 158 slips and extra services2 They also do boat repairs and sailing maintenance2

Perfect Location

The marina sits at the north end of Havre de Grace It's right by the Susquehanna River and the Upper Chesapeake Bay You can easily get here from cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia It's a great place for any watercraft

Diverse Rental Options

Havre de Grace Marina has many boats for rent https//wwwhdgmarinecentercom fits big boats, and they have services for sailboats too You can rent for a day, a week, or longer, depending on your plans3

They also offer spots for short stays at Tidewater Marina2 Their prices are good, and booking is simple What more could you ask for on the Chesapeake Bay

How to Book Your Boat Rentals in Havre de Grace Marina

Planning a boat trip, short or long, is easy at Havre de Grace Marina It fits many needs and desires

Booking Through Online Platforms

Use websites like Boatsetter to book your Havre de Grace boat They offer safe rentals backed by GEICO Marine This ensures both renters and owners are protected1

You can pick from various boat types and features Prices range from 200 to 1,000 based on what you choose and how long you rent1 They have many options, including pontoon boats, for different prices and periods1

Direct Booking with the Marina

For a more personal booking process, reach out to Havre de Grace Marina directly You can call or visit them to talk about your specific needs They help you find the perfect boat for your adventure2

Day, Week, and Monthly Rentals

Both the marina and online sites offer rentals for different times, like a day, week, or month This means there's something for everyone, whether you just want a day on the water or a long trip The costs vary based on the boat's size, what it offers, and how long you rent it14 You can choose to have a captain or not, depending on your boating skills and what you prefer1

In short, getting boat rentals at Havre de Grace Marina is easy and smart It's a great option for anyone looking to have a fun adventure on the water


Havre de Grace Marina stands out as a top place for renting boats in Maryland It offers services for both experienced and new boaters The marina has over 150 slips for boats up to 60 feet long, giving plenty of room This makes it perfect for affordable boat rentals for all5 You can rent kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards to enjoy the beauty of the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay5

The marina is at 723 Water Street, Perry Point, Maryland It's more than just a place to store and rent boats It has a swimming pool, picnic area, and club with showers There are also laundry facilities, making it comfy for longer stays5 Taxis and Ubers are easy to find from nearby, making your trip hassle-free This shows they care about giving the best boating services

Havre de Grace Marina is close to many interesting places You can visit the Perry Point VA Medical Center, Havre de Grace town, and the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum nearby This adds extra value to your visit5 Whether you love to sail or enjoy local culture, this marina has everything It combines a great boating experience with the stunning Upper Chesapeake Bay scenery

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