Dealers try a lot of tricks They will tell you things like," Oh That car is in a bad condition" or "This model is obsolete, no one wants it" Don't listen to all that and do not accept a lower offer https//35786123xyz/junkyards-directory/am-used-auto-parts-llc-at-7526-lithia-pinecrest-rd-lithia-fl-33547/ Selling a fairly new car Don't just sell it locally Take https//cashforjunkcars500com/ to the original dealer and ask him for a correct price estimate In case, you are planning to buy another car of the same brand, just ask the dealers to give you an exchange price estimate Please keep in mind that the option for exchange is not available all the time It's solely based on the discretion of the manufacturing company Another way to sell your car for cash now is through the online classifieds It may take longer than finding a dealer who will buy it, but you may come away with several hundred more dollars Online services that let you list your items for sale have virtually replaced printed publications Particularly given that many of them are free; you don't have to pay to post your listing If you have the time to wait for the right buyer to come along, this is certainly an option 2 Using additives to cover up faulty engine parts If an engine looks steam cleaned, beware that something may be wrong Try pulling out the dipstick and look for a thick lumpy appearance to the oil on it After the engine is off, unscrew the oil cap and look for frothy deposits on the underside of it that appear to be curdling So in the case of investing in stock, for the most part the brokers do what their companies tell them to do for reasons they sometimes don't grasp sell my car today Always ask if they could come to your house on weekends where you are at home to facilitate things Although they are the pros in the business, it is still your home Get the companies that works 7 days a week It is a plus if they offer longer hours, but the 24/7 cash for cars companies scores highest in the scale if there are It is best to earn money on weekends off your daytime job If you have a loan for which the car is collateral, it will be impossible to sell the vehicle to a private buyer without paying off the loan first If you can't afford to pay the car off and then sell it with title in hand, you'll have to find a buyer willing to let you take their money to your bank, pay off the note, wait for the title or lien release to come in the mail, and then deliver the title or lien release to the buyer The trade-in values are sometimes, valid for only a certain period of time Another good way to sell the car is to get a trade-in price from the dealer and then sell it privately I drive about 12,000 miles per year, which is pretty average for American car drivers My Prizm is getting old, and as such the gas mileage has slipped quite a bit Currently I am averaging about 27 mpg with a mix 70 highway and 30 With a similar mix in the Matrix I can expect about 295 mpg Currently I drive a 1999 Chevy Prizm with 160,000 miles on it It's a very modest car, but as I said in a previous article, it's one of the best cars you can get for under 5k Because of the age and miles on my car, I know I'm going to have to buy a new one in about 3 years, so I'll use that as the starting point for my calculations Which car will I compare it to A 2009 Toyota Matrix, which can be had for about 13,000 with around 50,000 miles on it