Explore Havre de Grace City Yacht Basin

In Havre de Grace, Maryland, you'll find the welcoming Havre de Grace City Yacht Basin It's located at 352 Commerce Street, right on the water This marina is famous for its top-notch services for both short and long stays https//wwwhdgmarinecentercom , bait amp; ice, or licenses for hunting and trapping They've got you covered1

This marina is all about life on the Chesapeake Bay They have diesel and gas ready for any boat at their fuel dock If you love to fish, they offer everything you need for an easy, enjoyable fishing trip Its spot at the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake is not just beautiful but makes your boating fun Getting there is simple, and the place is always kept up, making it a favorite for people looking for boat slips1

Key Takeaways

Discover the Facilities and Amenities at Havre de Grace City Yacht Basin

The Havre de Grace City Yacht Basin is perfect for those who love the sea It offers lots of great services in a nice setting

Fuel Services Gas and Diesel

The marina provides both gas and diesel at its fully equipped fuel dock This keeps every boat in good shape You'll also find fueling, pump-out, and maintenance services there to make your boating easy1

Transient Storage and Long-Term Storage

For those stopping by or staying a while, the dock has options for both It's great for anyone exploring the Chesapeake Bay The marina ensures there's a spot for everyone, showing how they care about their guests3

Location and Directions

Located at 352 Commerce Street, getting to the marina is easy for all They offer clear directions to guide you smoothly It's close to beautiful spots like the Promenade, the Concord Point Lighthouse, and the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum13

Experience Chesapeake Bay Boating at Havre de Grace Marina

Havre de Grace Marina is a key part of the Chesapeake Bay boating scene It provides essential services and licenses for all water activities Whether you enjoy jet skiing, kayaking, or paddleboarding, this marina has you covered The easy access to needed licenses helps ensure everyone is ready for fun on the water

Licenses and Additional Services

Need more than just boating The marina has hunting and trapping licenses too These are great for exploring the area Both residents and visitors can dive into the fun water sports on offer here With top-notch boating and water activities, Havre de Grace is clearly a top pick for fans4

Public Parking and Nearby Attractions

One of the marina's highlights is its easy-to-find public parking It's right next to the scenic Millard Tydings Memorial Park This makes visiting a breeze for everyone Around the park and trails, you'll find plenty to do, like bird watching and fishing And don't miss the chance to visit the local Farmer's Market each Saturday4 For more fun, check out the First Fridays event It happens from May to October with music, food trucks, and family activities4

Promenade Grille and Local Dining

The Promenade Grille by the marina is a must-visit It serves up tasty local foods that are perfect after a day of boating There's something for everyone, from main dishes to cool drinks Havre de Grace also offers various dining spots, making it a foodie's paradise This adds to the appeal for those who love boating and good food4


The Havre de Grace City Yacht Basin is key to Maryland's boating community It's at 352 Commerce Street, offering everything a boater might need Whether you need to refuel, store your boat short or long term, or grab a fishing license, they've got you covered Plus, being near the Promenade Grille adds a great dining option This city knows how to make boating both convenient and fun

But, the marina isn't the only highlight The City of Havre de Grace works hard to support its community It recently won praise at the 43rd Maryland Preservation Awards for its community efforts This shows they care about their history and making the area more enjoyable for everyone5

Safety and access are also big priorities The new bike registry and efforts to keep sidewalks clear show the town's commitment This makes visiting Havre de Grace safer and more pleasant5

The Havre de Grace City Yacht Basin is more than just a place for boats It's a hub for the whole community With top-notch facilities, friendly services, and local appeal, it offers a unique Chesapeake Bay experience Marine lovers and tourists will find dedicated quality here, making it a top spot to visit

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