Duress alarm buttons are responsible for saving countless lives in school shooter scenarios, bank and convenience store robberies, and hostage situations https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/gps-location-finding/ They can also alert first responders to a medical emergency Cove’s duress system allows you to summon help with the press of a button Local security companies offer these systems to businesses and schools in St Louis and Illinois Easy to Activate Many times lone workers, such as security guards or hospital staff are working alone in high-risk situations Having access to a panic button can help keep them safe When the duress button is activated, it sends a signal to the monitoring company that the user is in danger and needs assistance It also alerts any other people that might be on the premises to contact authorities Some common uses for a duress button include a workplace robbery, an armed intruder, a hostage situation, or a burglary attempt The button can be used to request emergency services in any type of business or public building When a duress alarm is activated, the user can choose to use their own code or have the system automatically call 911 This way the user doesn’t have to worry about a perpetrator knowing they called for help Using a duress code is also useful in situations where calling for authorities might make the situation more dangerous, violent or upset When an employee or school staff member is in danger they can press the duress button to trigger a facility-wide alert that can be seen by anyone with access to the integrated products, such as LED marquees, desktops, and Alert Beacons This will help the individual get to a safer area, and alert others to call for emergency assistance Silent Duress buttons also known as panic switches or duress alarms are small, inconspicuous devices that allow people to easily call for help without triggering an audible alarm When activated, the device sends a signal to a monitoring station that notifies emergency responders of an active danger Some businesses that use duress buttons include banks, retail stores, convenience and gas stations, offices of various types, and school buildings https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/fall-detection/ In schools, duress buttons provide an extra layer of security for students and staff in the event of an active shooter or other dangerous situation These buttons can also be linked to the school’s surveillance system, allowing staff and administrators to communicate directly with emergency responders while the incident is still happening Panic buttons are also popular among law enforcement officers and government workers Many of these situations are very stressful, if not outright dangerous, and the ability to call for help can make all the difference The simplicity of these devices makes them a very effective tool for these important personnel Those looking to have a duress button installed can submit a Service Request to Technology Services There is a monthly fee associated with this service that covers maintenance and yearly testing of the button It is important to note that the duress button should only be used when there is a very clear and immediate safety risk to University personnel Portable Panic buttons are portable and easy to use They can be worn around the neck or wrist, and they’re available in a variety of colors Having a panic button available in a number of places can help protect workers, students, or customers from threats It’s also important to have an action plan in place if someone activates the duress alarm Make sure to include those who will be notified upon arrival of security personnel, police, firefighters, or EMTs Hospital staff faces many dangers on a daily basis, including potential violent patients or visitors A duress panic button is a valuable tool for nurses and hospital staff to call for assistance in case of an emergency The button can be used to alert security, nursing stations, or other staff members that there is an emergency, and it can provide a location of the user Mobile duress is different from PERS because it is designed for commercial settings, requiring in-building and between-building access as well as a system that can send an alert without the need for personal communication This is important because it ensures that the user can summon emergency responders without an intermediary To set up a mobile duress button in Kisi Intrusion, click on 'Hardware' and 'Controllers' then select the controller to which the panic button is wired Input Number Identify the input pins on the left side of the controller by the COM or NC/NO Normally Closed/Normally Opened names Easy to Maintain When you install a duress panic button in your business, it’s important to teach everyone how to use it A simple, short training session can prevent panicked employees from accidentally pressing the button in a non-emergency situation and wasting valuable seconds before they can alert the authorities Many duress alarms also include features that allow them to automatically trigger the building’s surveillance systems to monitor the premise and record a video of any unfolding events, giving authorities a greater chance at apprehending thieves or criminals who may have thought they were not being watched The process is discreet enough that thieves won’t even know they are being monitored, but it will be clear to all who work on the property Lone workers can also benefit from the ability to call for help using a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android, in case they become incapacitated during an incident at their workplace Many people choose to keep these devices in their bedrooms as well, so they can be triggered quickly and easily at any time Whether you’re in need of security services, such as surveillance camera installation and access control system installation, or you just want to keep your staff safe, the Pinpoint Staff Duress System is the right solution for you https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/ Our team of experts will help you design a system that is compatible with the layout of your building and meets life safety standards