The Best Woodburners The relaxation and blood pressure-reducing benefits of a wood burner are well-documented What about the tiny soot particles that they release Fortunately, the latest stoves are built with the EcoDesign directive in the back of your mind So you can enjoy a warm and cosy home, without breaking your environmental commitments 1 Ekol Edge The Ekol Edge is a simple-looking wood burner that doesn't compromise on performance It's a great option for those living in areas that are smoke-free since it has the Level 5 ClearSkies certification that means it can be used with dry and seasoned logs and approved solid fuels The high output of heat makes it a great option for larger rooms, and the generous glass firebox provides a stunning view of your flames It is constructed from modern steel, which means it is able to be used in traditional inglenooks as well as freestanding situations It features an air wash system that keeps the glass clean and stops the accumulation of soot The stove has excellent efficiency during the winter months, which means that a large portion of the heat it produces is transferring into your home rather than being lost to the chimney The recent criticism of wood burners has grown, since it was shown that they can contribute to the creation of microscopic sooty air particles called PM25 These particles have been linked to lung and heart issues However, the latest models that are made to comply with the Eco design Regulations are much less likely to generate these particles Wood burners contribute to the pollution produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal and gas The right wood for your stove is vital to ensure the highest heat output and combustion There are many types of wood that can be burned such as eucalyptus, ash, hazel and beech Eucalyptus is a good choice because it's fast-burning and produces a lot of heat, but it needs to be well prepared Beech is a great alternative, but it's hard to handle because of its thorns The Ekol Adept is designed to meet the new regulations It's clearSkies-rated and Defra-exempt, which means you can use it as it is if you follow the guidelines It's a robust sturdy burner with a 10-year Body Warranty and a robust construction The heating performance is also impressive 2 Arada Holborn 5 Widescreen Wood burning stoves remain very popular and, despite the directive maze that is surrounding them they're not going to disappear Some groups have pushed for stricter regulations, and even a ban on log burners It's worth reading our guide on stove pollution and regulations before you decide on the latest multifuel or log fire Arada Stoves is one of the companies that is doing its part to keep woodburners in demand They've released a widescreen version for their popular Holborn Multifuel/Wood Burning Stove It's a DEFRA approved, SIA 2022 Ecodesign Ready woodburner with a large glass door that offers a great flame picture There is also an airwash system that prevents soot accumulation With a heat output of 49kW this is a great stove to heat the majority of rooms It's extremely easy to use and maintain The curvaceous lines and classic style makes it a great choice for both traditional and modern design This model can be easily fitted into smaller recesses due to its flat back design It is also easy to install direct air systems on this model, which will increase the efficiency This stove also has a built-in ash dump, which makes it easy to remove ashes and clean them up regularly This decreases the chance of odours and dust getting out of the room There's a choice of two flue adaptors standard or pre-fabricated depending on the type of chimney you have, and it's also equipped with a remote control Wood-burning stoves create a lovely atmosphere in our homes, regardless of whether they are good for health However, it's important to consider the negative effects of particulate matter as well as the way that burning wood and other types of fuels can affect the quality of our indoor air and health If you are installing a woodburner, it's recommended to shut the door when not interacting with the flame It is also recommended to regularly clean the stove to ensure that the air as healthy as is possible 3 Go Eco 5kW Plus It's relaxing to watch the flames flicker and can lower blood pressure But there's not a lot of good news Research has proven that older stoves are dangerous because they release microscopic particles of soot that can enter your respiratory system New regulations have been enacted to ensure that log stoves are up to the highest standards This helps to cut down on smoke leakage, creosote accumulation and, most importantly harmful gases like carbon monoxide New woodburners must comply with the new safety standards The Go Eco 5kW Plus is a multi-fuel stove that not only meets, but exceeds these new standards, but also exceeds them The stove comes with a widescreen viewing glass that lets you see the flames clearly It is also kept clean by a powerful air washing system The stove boasts an impressive rating of 80 energy efficiency and is DEFRA exempt meaning that it can be used in smoke controlled areas It is also SIA Ecodesign-ready https//wwwfireplacesandstovecom/categories/wood-burning-stoves means that it already meets the European emission limits for wood burning stoves that will be in effect in 2022 As if that wasn't enough this stove is supplied with an air venting kit that is included, making it easier than ever to install This is a robust unit that's made from high-quality steel The finish is a classic matte black It's easy to clean as the body has been coated with an enamel that wards off dirt The clearSkies label on this stove demonstrates that it has been independently tested and confirmed to be sustainable and efficient This is above and above the basic requirements laid out by Ecodesign This is one of only the stoves on our list that carry the five-star clearSkies rating 4 Chilli Penguin Defrost Chilli Penguin is a feisty Welsh wood burner brand that has a unique style that should not be missed out on They are known for their small multi-fuel stoves, which come in various options and sizes This 47kW model is an excellent illustration of their brand's focus and demonstrates their ability to offer a premium product at a price that's not too high This DEFRA-approved woodburner is suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, and is fully compliant with the current 5g/hr emissions limit It also comes with ClearSkies level five credentials It is a great choice for those who aren't sure what direction the directive is going and want to rest assured that their stove will remain exempt from the smoke control regulations