How to Fix Common Mazda 3 Key Problems The Mazda 3 is an elegant compact car that has a luxurious interior and a responsive handling It's also a huge deal less expensive than other compacts available Lost keys can be a major troublesome It can be costly to replace spare keys and transporting your vehicle to the dealer for reprogramming your key Key not locking or unlocking doors It's dangerous to leave doors unlocked, especially when the vehicle is moving If the door is opened when the vehicle is moving it could cause passengers to fall or even be injured To avoid this, you should always keep your keys away from children Children may fi nd them fascinating and may play with them, which can cause the power windows or other controls to function and make the vehicle move If you notice that the key fob isn't able to lock or unlock the doors, the battery could be dead The button-cell battery inside the keyfob has a limited lifespan, which is why it is essential to replace it on a regular basis A quality battery should last between two and three years It is important to replace the battery with a new one that is of the same voltage and same dimensions as the initial Another reason for why the key fob may not be working is due to a key pairing issue It is possible that the key fob was not linked properly with the vehicle when it was first purchased In this instance the dealer has to reset it Fortunately it can be done within a matter of minutes The dealership can also reset the on-board computer to eliminate any remaining electrical charge But, this will not change the ability of the key fob to lock or unlock doors Dead coin battery If your key fob won't be activating or unlocking your car, it may be due to the battery being dead This is a typical issue but it can be easily fixed You can replace your battery yourself and avoid a trip to a dealership The process is easy and only requires the use of a few tools Then, press the auxiliary key button on the back of your Mazda flip key This will allow you to take off the auxiliary keys made of metal After the auxiliary key made of metal is removed, you'll see an opening on either side of the fob case Begin with one side of the case and move around with a tape-wrapped screwdriver Gently pry apart the two halves before putting them aside You can now replace the battery in the key fob Be careful not to damage the small rubber ring the battery sits on After the battery is replaced, you can put it back in your case and use the new key fob You can buy a replacement battery at most stores that sell batteries Search for a CR2025 battery These batteries are usually used in watches and calculators and can be found in auto parts stores as well as online Switching the battery in your Mazda 3 is easy and quick, and will save your money on a trip to the dealer Key pairing issue If your Mazda 3 has been working for a few days and then suddenly stops, it could be the remote keyless receiver module This is more likely to occur in the event that the internal chip on the key fob is damaged It could be caused by many factors like an unintentionally dropped or wet key The key fob's electronic components are protected by rubber seals, so a splash of rain is unlikely to cause harm However, submerging it into the ocean or in pool water is the most serious risk because the highly conductivity of salt could harm the electronics If your key fob has stopped working, you're likely in need of an upgrade to the battery There's a range of third-party batteries available on the internet However, it's important to remember that they may not be compatible with your Mazda 3 It's a good idea buy one from a dealer and ensure it is guaranteed to work for your vehicle After you've replaced the battery the key fob should work again However, if the remote isn't responding when press the lock button, it is likely in power-saving mode To get it out of this mode you'll have to press the button five times and hold it until the red light blinks Reprogramming a key The keyless entry system of the Mazda allows you to open and start the car without the traditional key It's a great convenience but the process of reprogramming the remote or key can be confusing for a few people This also requires a computer that is available only to the locksmith in the car or dealer This machine is connected to the computer in the vehicle, and it begins the programing process for the creation of a new key or remote The first step is having at minimum two keys that work for the Mazda Then you can begin the reprogramming of an existing key The functions of the new FOB will be temporarily disabled to safeguard the vehicle from theft Once you've reprogrammed your new key, these functions can be activated once more After that, you can use the new key to unlock the doors and then start the engine You should first test it to ensure it works If you're worried about losing your keys, it's best to keep a spare key on hand https//wwwg28carkeyscouk/mazda-car-key-replacements-near-me/ to add an extra Mazda key Follow these steps and you'll be able to save a lot of money, as you don't have to pay the dealership to do it for you This will also help you avoid a costly tow bill, as well as saving money on a new spare key