Lone working devices are vital pieces of safety equipment for employees who may face danger in their work From risk of attacks and assault to exposure to hazardous chemicals, a lone worker device can help protect staff members and minimise the impact of an emergency The provision of these devices will usually form part of a company’s lone working policy alongside other safety measures such as PPE and health and safety training programs Employers have a legal obligation, known as duty of care, to keep their workers safe and this is often more challenging for companies with a large number of lone workers who operate outside the office What are lone working devices There are many different types of lone working devices but they all have one key function to allow a lone worker to signal for help quickly and discreetly https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/ This is particularly important in situations where a lone worker could be facing a threat or emergency such as a medical emergency, fire, an accident or a hostile situation Some devices are more sophisticated than others and offer a range of features to meet specific requirements For example, a gas detector can detect dangerous leaks while a device that offers fall detection will alert monitors if a worker falls over and requires immediate assistance Those that incorporate 24/7 monitoring are also worth considering because they will mean that no matter what the worker is facing, a trained professional will always be on hand to react accordingly and help them out of any trouble Which type of lone working device is right for your workforce The best lone working device will fit seamlessly into your employees’ workflow If your lone workers aren’t tech-savvy or used to carrying extra equipment on site, a device with a simple interface that can be triggered by a panic button might be the best option https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/gps-location-finding/ Other options include a rugged mobile phone that can be used to communicate with colleagues via push-to-talk and provides world-class gas detection, or a satellite device designed for use in remote locations and harsh environments that can pinpoint a worker’s location even without cell service https//wwwloneworkeralarmsconz/man-down-alarm/ Other features that can be useful to lone workers are the ability to track their activity and record footage, which will help them account for their time at work and give them evidence in case of a dispute Some lone working devices can also be used to record voice messages or audio files, and these can be very helpful in a crisis They can also enable lone workers to send a text message to their monitoring team, which is ideal for those at higher risk from aggression or violence