Medical alert necklaces can help seniors stay independent at home and on the go https//wwwpersonalmedicalalarmsconz/geo-fencing/ They connect the wearer to a monitoring center who can call for assistance or send rescue services Look for features like fall detection and GPS tracking Many systems also offer multilingual support so you can communicate with a representative Water Resistant For people who go out a lot, having the ability to call for help when away from home can bring peace of mind A cellular alarm necklace for the elderly can be worn with confidence knowing that a help button push can reach a monitoring center wherever you are in the world, whether out running errands or at the gym Some medical alert necklaces also come with an app to allow you to stay connected remotely with your caregiver and receive notifications for things like medications and appointments Both Medical Guardian and LifeFone offer this with their systems Most medical alert system pendants are water resistant, meaning they can withstand getting splashed with water like when you’re in the shower without being damaged or losing service This can make them ideal for people who love to be active and have a desire to wear their medical alert necklace while swimming or taking a shower Bay Alarm Medical offers a number of stylish, custom-designed jewelry pendants to pair with their in-home and mobile systems Their Bella Charms cost around 25 each or 90 for all four and are designed to clip over a basic lanyard-style help button that comes with a Bay Alarm Medical med alert device These systems don’t have fall detection, two-way communication or GPS, but are still a good option for people who want a medical alert system with an affordable price tag Cellular Monitoring Anyone who lives alone or has a medical condition that increases their risk of falling could benefit from using an alarm necklace to contact the help they need Some systems are designed for in-home use only while others can be used on the go, giving older adults the freedom to take on daily tasks without worrying about an accident or injury A medical alert necklace is worn around the neck and can be pressed to quickly contact a monitoring center, who will ask questions and send assistance as needed Many of these devices also include fall detection to help prevent accidents that might not be immediately apparent Some also have a GPS feature that helps loved ones find the wearer or allows caregivers to monitor activity Medical alert necklaces can also be paired with in-home units for a complete system These typically plug into a home base station that connects to the internet, preventing it from losing service due to a drained battery Many companies, such as Bay Alarm Medical and ADT Health, offer both at-home devices and mobile options with their subscription plans Alert1 is another company that offers both at-home and on-the-go systems, including a variety of pendants with built-in fall detection and two-way communication Their VIPx device looks like a modern smartwatch, which can overcome some seniors' resistance to wearing something that indicates their fragility or illness It's also one of the few medical alert necklaces that includes GPS tracking and can notify specific contacts or emergency responders in multiple languages Two-Way Communication Those with dementia, Alzheimer’s or other conditions that make them more prone to falls or injuries will find the medical alert necklace is invaluable It gives them the confidence and independence to keep doing their favorite things, as well as the peace of mind that they can get help if needed Some medical alarm systems have built-in fall detection, which will trigger an emergency response even if the call button isn’t pushed Some also offer voice-activated communication, which means the user can simply speak to the monitoring center through the device rather than having to push a button Many of the medical alert necklaces we carry come with a cellular connection, which is great news for seniors who want to be able to use their device away from home Cellular pendants don’t have to be paired with a base station and can work at any range that a mobile signal can reach, which makes them a good option for active seniors who want to go hiking, shopping or visiting friends Some of the more sophisticated medical alarm necklaces can be paired with an app that connects to the user’s phone or tablet so caregivers can stay in touch Medical Guardian and LifeFone are two companies that have apps that connect with their necklaces, and both of them have hundreds of positive reviews from customers Taking Care of You While a medical alert necklace is a great safety device for those who live alone, it’s also a useful tool for elderly people who are in nursing homes or recovering from surgery or illness They can use the pendant to call for help at the press of a button, which is important if they’re injured or sick and unable to speak on their own At TakingCare, we offer a number of different alarm systems that can be worn as necklaces or carried in a pocket or purse, depending on the individual’s preferences Our mobile systems can also track the user’s location through GPS, which can come in handy if they’re out and about and become lost Our pendants can be used to contact emergency services, as well as family and friends, which gives them the peace of mind they need to continue living independently https//wwwpersonalmedicalalarmsconz/dementia-gps/ When you’re creating a care package for an elderly loved one, consider what they might need on a daily basis If they’re living in an assisted care facility, for example, you might want to include some items that make them feel at home, like a cozy bathrobe and slippers or their favorite scented soap https//wwwpersonalmedicalalarmsconz/medical-alert/ You can also include activities to keep them busy, treats to satisfy their cravings and products that help them look and feel their best