An Emergency Alarm Bracelet is a type of medical alert bracelet designed to give seniors a sense of independence while also giving them reliable 24/7 monitoring https//wwwpersonalmedicalalarmsconz/fall-detection-alarms/ These devices can provide help when needed and may also offer additional features, such as fall detection How They Work Generally, the base station of a medical alert system includes buttons you can press and hold to connect with a company’s monitoring center Once you do, a representative will speak to you and ask you about your situation If you can’t speak, they’ll call 911 on your behalf or dispatch a professional to your home What’s More Many basic medical alert bracelets are engraved with a recognizable medical symbol that EMS personnel can read This information can be very important if you’re unconscious or unable to speak and might save your life https//wwwpersonalmedicalalarmsconz/ However, these engraved bracelets typically do not include much else besides that information https//wwwpersonalmedicalalarmsconz/elderly-alarms/ They don’t provide a way for the wearer to tell medical personnel their health concerns and medications they may take, which can make it difficult for EMS to assess their situation and respond appropriately There are a number of bracelet medical alert systems on the market, but it’s essential to find one that’s easy to use, affordable and offers dependable coverage Look for a low-profile design, reasonable monthly service fees and other benefits, such as spouse coverage or free medication alerts