How to Add, Change, and Reprogram a Mazda 3 Spare Key If you've dropped your key fob on the floor or it stopped working, it's always a good idea to have an extra key in your pocket This article will show you how to add, modify or reprogramme your Mazda 3 keyfobs Certain keys require programming from an expert locksmith, while others do not Only use genuine Mazda replacements to replace your key fob How to add a spare key If you're not fortunate enough to find a spare key from the dealership when you buy your Mazda 3 or accidentally break your current key but don't worry, there is still the option of adding another key To do this, you'll need an incredibly small screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, and an CR2025 battery that's new Once you have these items, it's time to open up the key fob to change the battery First, locate the key release button for the auxiliary key https//wwwg28carkeyscouk/mazda-car-key-replacements-near-me/ 's located on the underside of the metal portion It's easy to find When you press the button, the back cover should be removed immediately Then, put the screwdriver's head into the notch at the top or the space, and remove the metal part Insert the spare or new key into the slot after removing the secondary key Set the ignition to ON and wait for around five seconds before turning it to off This will allow the system to recognize the new key and begin your vehicle in the future It is important to remember that you can only program up to three keys on your Mazda 3 The final thing you want is to have more than two functioning key fobs but not be able to get your car started This is a security measure designed to prevent unauthorised users, such as valet drivers who are not authorized to use your key and thereby launching your vehicle How to Reprogram a Spare Key It's a smart idea to know how you can reprogram a spare key in the event that your original key becomes lost or stolen This will keep unauthorised persons from starting your vehicle or taking it This should work with any Mazda You'll require two keys that are functioning to begin the reprogramming process If you don't own two working keys it's recommended to take your Mazda to a dealer to have this done Start by getting into the driver's position, and shutting all doors, with the exception of the one that is open Set the ignition to ON and insert the first working key After five seconds, take the key out and repeat the process with the second key After you've programmed your new key you should have three keys that start your vehicle in the future Before you store each key, make sure it's functioning correctly It's a good idea to buy an extra Mazda 3 key fob, especially if you're a driver who has a tendency to lose their keys or has other issues with it You can buy one online or at your local auto store, but be sure to read reviews before buying so that you aren't purchasing one that's not compatible with your vehicle How do I change the battery using a spare key It's awful to discover that your key fob has failed and you're in a position to not unlock your car Fortunately, it's easy to replace the battery and save yourself some cash at the dealership The first step is to press the auxiliary key button on the back of the key fob This will take out the key made of metal and reveal an opening on each side of the case Use the screwdriver's flathead to push it into one of these slots Then, gently break the two halves of the case When the battery is completely exposed, take it out and place the case somewhere safe from being lost Before you begin, be sure you have a brand new replacement battery You can find these at any store that stocks batteries or at a Mazda dealer near Winter Garden The right kind of battery is vital to ensure that your keyfob works correctly Replace the battery cap and then replace the battery Be careful not to damage the rubber ring that holds the battery Press the two halves together until you can hear the click How can I reset the Keyless Entry System The Mazda 3 key fob is not just a practical feature It's also a security measure The car will not start if the key is stolen or lost, even if you've got an extra fob This is because the key fob has to be reprogrammed by the dealership to work once more This could be a costly and frustrating ordeal, so it's a good idea to learn how to reset the system yourself Disconnect the battery from the system for 15 minutes This will erase any residual electricity in the on-board computer Then, disconnect both the LF-ECU connector and the demand switch connectors Verify the continuity between the next terminals Place the key into the slot and switch on the ignition Put the key in for about five seconds and then turn off The key's details will be transferred to your vehicle's computer and the new fob will be able start your car in the future You can program up to three fobs however, you must only use one at each time This will prevent unauthorized persons from copying the key and gaining access to your vehicle You can purchase a brand new key fob online, however you'll still have to visit a locksmith or dealer in order to cut it and programmed