The Convenience of Mini Cooper Keys The key fob that is included with your MINI includes a number of features to make driving a MINI a breeze You can lock or unlock your door from a distance and open the sunroof It also lets you start your vehicle If you lose your keys If you lose your keys, a locksmith or a dealership will be able to replace them It is recommended to buy a spare key, whether it's a smart fob or a regular non-remote key and in advance Remote entry One of the most useful functions on a MINI Cooper key fob is its ability to unlock your vehicle You can avoid the hassle of having your car keys out whenever you leave home or travel to a location close with a key fob You can also lock your vehicle more easily when parked in public spaces The key fob can also unlock your trunk, which is a great convenience for people who tend to forget to close the trunk when leaving their vehicle You can activate the remote entry feature of your car by pressing the "lock" button on your key fob three times in rapid succession while your vehicle is in accessory mode This will allow you to remotely open and close the doors, as well as the sunroof, and set the parking alarm You can also make use of the key fob to fold and unfold your side mirrors You can also set up an Acoustic Locking Confirmation that emits an audible sound when you turn the key The remote can be set up to work with BMW Comfort Access The process is simple and you can figure out whether your key fob comes with this feature by examining the sticker under the key fob Ask your local locksmith if you are unsure Keyless entry If your car is equipped with keyless entry, you can lock and unlock the vehicle with the remote https//wwwthekeylabcouk/mini-car-keys/ is extremely convenient especially when your car is not always nearby You can also start your engine with the system without holding the key The keyless entry system can also notify you when your vehicle is having issues or if the battery is low You can also remotely close the trunk You can also activate the release button on your hood that is located on the right side of your dashboard The key fob is capable of controlling the sunroof These functions only work when your keys are properly programmed If you're experiencing issues with your key fob, it could be that you need to replace its battery or undergo the reactivation procedure Some people require another key fob in the event that their original key fob is lost or damaged They also want to give their family or friends their own Driver Profile, which can save them from having to make all the changes using the main key fob You can purchase a new keyfob, unlocked, from a reputable company that can program it for your specific car Keyless Start The key fob in your mini cooper can do more than just lock and unlock the doors It can also activate a remote starter This feature is particularly useful in winter, when it lets you start your vehicle and warm it up prior to you get in it You can also make use of this feature to fold your wing mirrors or even open and close your trunk from a distance If you're using Comfort Access the car will open the door for you immediately upon entering the vehicle It can also help you unlock your hatchback and trunk to open and close windows and even retract the sunroof This is an excellent feature that will save you time and energy This feature can be activated on your mini cooper keys simply by pressing and holding the "lock" button on your remote for two times and then pushing it the third time Hold the 'lock button' down and press it again Continue to hold this button for a few seconds until you see your remote to begin If you'd like to include a remote starter to your mini cooper keys, call us for more details We'll gladly answer any questions you may have We can also help you in locating the right vehicle to suit your needs We have a wide range of new and pre-owned vehicles with keyless entry systems, remote starters and other options You can select the one that is perfect for you Remote trunk closure If you own a car with a trunk, then we can use the key fob to shut it remotely This will stop the possibility of someone opening your trunk by accident and stealing your belongings, or ruining the perfectly-placed car seat you've spent long hours putting together We can also code the remote mirror control feature on your MINI Cooper keyfob This feature allows you to fold your wing-mirrors in a wing and then open them in their original position by pressing an icon on the key fob This feature is especially helpful when parking in narrow spaces If you have Comfort Access and Comfort Access, your MINI Cooper keyfob can also lock and unlock the sunroof as well as windows, as well as open and close the trunk Comfort Access allows you to lock the doors which is a great way to make sure that only you can access your items If you're interested in making your key fob programmable with all of these features, then contact us We'll be more than happy to help