Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney A truck accident lawyer has the expertise, experience and resources to advocate for you and get you full and fair compensation They know the laws, regulations and industry standards applicable to truck accidents It is possible to be pushed into accepting less than what you deserve when you don't have a lawyer A NYC truck accident lawyer will identify additional parties responsible that might share the blame, such as third-party brokers as well as the manufacturer of a faulty part of your vehicle Recovering Damages following an Accident When you suffer an injury during a collision with a truck, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your losses You can recover economic damages, which can include medical bills and future healthcare needs as well as lost earnings due to missing work, and non-economic damages, which compensate you for the discomfort and suffering A seasoned New York truck accident lawyer can assist you in understanding the different types of damages and the way in which the law assigns responsibility for an accident For instance, if the driver was in the course of duty at the time of the crash and breached their employer's standard of care and was found to be negligent, they could be held liable under a legal theory known as respondeat superior Truck drivers are usually employed by large transportation companies They have comprehensive insurance policies that cover their employees' actions On the scene of the accident, you should attempt to collect as much evidence as you can to present to your lawyer You should take pictures of the accident scene, collect contact information from witnesses, and make notes of any details that you recall about the crash For instance, you may want to write down the weather conditions and road conditions You could also sketch a picture of the collision scene in the event that your medical condition allows it Avoid giving any written or recorded statements to anyone from the truck company or their insurance company, or investigators This could reduce your chances of an effective claim Your attorney will handle interactions with insurance companies so that they do not have the chance to mischaracterize claims They can also negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies and fight to get the maximum amount of damages you deserve Property Damage Truck accidents can cause extensive destruction to property, and even your car Fortunately, you could be entitled to compensation for your damaged property A lawyer can assist you in determining the value of your property, as well as the cost of repair or replace it This is an important step in determining the value of your accidents and the amount you might be entitled to as financial compensation as a result of settlement or court awards A lawyer for truck accidents who is skilled will be aware of the laws and regulations that govern the trucking industry, and are relevant to your case This is essential, because depending on the reason for your accident, a variety of parties could be liable You could be entitled to compensation if, for instance when a trucker crossed your lane due to being drunk from drugs, alcohol or working long hours They can be held liable for their negligent hiring practices, insufficient training of drivers, and poor truck maintenance You may also be able to claim damages for losses that are not economic, such as your emotional distress, pain and suffering These are hard to quantify and vary from person to However your NYC truck accident attorney will be able to assist you create a detailed record of the effects your injuries have affected your life and your ability to perform This could include a journal, letters to your doctor or therapist as well as medical bills and records, or even the loss of income and benefits Finally, https//vimeocom/707394311 might be entitled to punitive damages, in certain circumstances These are intended to punish the at-fault person and discourage them from engaging in similar negligence in the future They aren't common, but could happen if the truck driver responsible was recklessly negligent or irresponsible Medical Bills Medical expenses are some of the most frequent and costly costs incurred in an accident Keep meticulous records of medical bills and receipts if receive treatment for injuries that were caused by an accident This will allow you receive the maximum settlement Inadequate documentation of the costs is a major reason why victims are not compensated by insurance companies when they settle their claim A experienced personal injury lawyer will provide the thorough documentation needed to successfully file a claim on your behalf Medical insurance can be able to cover a portion of your expenses, however the majority of expenses will be your responsibility A truck accident lawyer can assist you in determining which medical expenses directly related to the accident and also the amount you could obtain through a lawsuit, or settlement If you don't have health insurance through your private company Medical payments coverage could be covered under your car policy to pay for some of your medical expenses If the coverage is exhausted and any additional medical expenses are paid by Medicare or your private health insurance, you'll be required to pay these costs with any money that is received from a settlement Private health insurance companies, Medicare and ERISA plans all have a legal right to reimbursement, and auto insurance companies typically will not release settlement checks until this reimbursement is completed In addition to medical expenses, anyone injured in a car accident may seek compensation for additional damages, including lost wages, pain and suffering and punitive damages A skilled and aggressive NYC truck accident attorney will present a convincing case to get you the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries and losses Suffering and Pain As opposed to the minor scrapes or fender benders which can happen when passenger cars collide truck accidents are typically more serious They can result in permanent injuries that stop their ability to work or living a normal life They will require financial compensation to cover their loss of income, medical bills, damage to property and pain and discomfort It is essential that anyone who suffers catastrophic injuries as a result of a collision with a truck receives the maximum amount of damages to compensate for their loss These are also known as compensatory damages and comprise easily quantifiable costs like medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages They also include soft costs such as pain and suffering that are difficult to quantify A Manhattan truck accident lawyer who is skilled will seek out experts to accurately estimate the totality of the victim's losses They can employ economists, accountants, and life care planners in order to determine the amount of quality of life that has been affected They then negotiate an agreement with insurance companies that accounts for all economic and non-economic losses If you've suffered injuries in a collision with truck are able to benefit from the experience of a Manhattan truck accident attorney at Cellino Law These attorneys are experienced and are able to seek damages against large trucking companies as well as their insurers They have a long history of helping clients win significant compensation for their losses and injuries In cases involving wrongful deaths, they help grieving family members to seek compensation for their loss This can help them cope grieving and move on in their lives Contact an attorney The rules and regulations governing truck drivers are far more complicated than those that govern car drivers There are many parties that can be held responsible in a truck crash, including the trucking company, driver as well as the freight company and manufacturers of the vehicle Our NYC truck accident lawyers are knowledgeable about these laws and are able to quickly identify who was at fault for your injuries Do your best to collect evidence at the scene of an accident This includes photographs of the site of impact and the contact details of any witnesses Also, gather insurance cards of anyone who was involved in the incident You should also move away from the road and use hazard lights or flares to ensure that cars aren't struck Call 911 so that the police can arrive at the location and file a complaint You need to choose an attorney who has an established track record and gives every case the attention and time it deserves Your legal team should be available whenever you have questions or concerns, and should respect your feelings enough to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the course of your case The insurance companies involved in a collision with a truck have their own lawyers who work to prevent you from getting the money you deserve It is important to have a legal team with you who understands how to fight back and can bring the game level against these powerful companies Our legal team is comprised of former lawyers from insurance companies that have the experience to your advantage in your case They can help you obtain the compensation that you need to cover non-economic and economic losses