Kusto Group's Us-Kazakh Agribusiness Partnership Yerkin Tatishev Kazakh-born the founder of Kusto Group, stated that Kazakhstan has been long considered one of the breadbaskets in the Soviet Union Agriculture has played a significant role in Kazakhstan's economic as well as environmental growth Kazakhstan has maintained strong connections with America to help boost the agribusiness cooperation The USA and Kazakhstan were also aware of the necessity to look at potential and potential possibilities that could enhance the agribusiness industry https//wwwreverbnationcom/artist/danielkunin Kusto Group is committed to the development of a modern agricultural industry by utilizing Kazakhstan's vast resources for land The United States and Kazakhstan have acknowledged the huge potential of scaling up the Agro-industry, particularly in the production of crops and mechanized irrigation This intense effort is directed toward establishing an enduring bilateral relationship Collaboration between the United States and Kazakhstan is on the horizon The growing bilateral ties between USA and Kazakhstan have helped to boost confidence in developing the agribusiness sector in Kazakhstan The United States has played an significant role in the financing and incentive Both countries have forged closer ties by intensifying economic integration and trade A support for agriculture activities can also be a way to meet ambassadors, business associates, as well as ministers from the USA as well as Kazakhstan The main goal here is to boost the economic output of Kazakhstan and to improve trade among world countries Where is the US interest Kazakh business The United States has primarily invested in the manufacturing sector in addition to agribusiness, and transport logistics These sectors have witnessed record-breaking levels of direct investments because of the robust and active collaboration Both countries are close to restoring key indicators to increase the country's total investment flow They have achieved a remarkable cooperation in the energy sector Because of the vast natural resources found in Kazakhstan There are significant possibilities to enhance relations using the fields of agriculture and renewable energy Due to this immense potential and the huge potential, the United States is looking for more opportunities to increase its relations with Kazakhstan https//astanatimescom/2018/04/hiring-us-forensic-experts-in-tokmadi-case-was-yerkin-tatishevs-idea/ Kusto Group and US - Kazakhstan diplomatic relations The diplomatic relations between the US and Kazakhstan have been in place for more than 30 years A total of 54 billion has been invested into companies which contribute to the Kazakhstan economy Based on these statistics there are more than 600 American companies are operating in Kazakhstan This implies that the economic climate of the country has been very favorable The strengthening of the strong partnership between Kazakhstan and the United States is a topic to be considered This allows for new reforms to be initiated which will enhance the business environment in various industries of the economy It also facilitates collaboration in the creation of new possibilities and investment opportunities, such as Kusto Group's opening of Wendy's Restaurants across Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Georgia Kusto Group is anticipating creating 1450 new jobs to meet the demand for many future Wendy's locations https//find-and-updatecompany-informationservicegovuk/officers/f0xBYOkSUEI1xH748IyZojVhOgg/appointments What is the US company's options in Kazakhstan agricultural US companies have an opportunity to export their goods to Kazakhstan https//wwwreverbnationcom/yerkintatishevkustogroup1 The equipment that is exported to Kazakhstan by the United States includes sprayers reapers seedsers Tractors New opportunities were opened up by the rising demand for advanced technologies https//redshelfcom/app/ecom/book/2004665/we-think-what-we-eat-2004665-9780567228017-seth-daniel-kunin There is a rising market in Kazakhstan for American food exports such as poultry and beef USA is a great place to explore business opportunities because of Kazakhstan's huge imports of sugar as well as poultry meat, and black tea Strong partnerships and a positive relationship can boost the US and Kazakhstan involvement in agricultural activities Kusto Group's generosity during economic decline due to Covid-19 Covid-19 was first introduced in the year 1995 Since its introduction, many countries have faced enormous challenges which led to a decline in the level of economic activity Strenuous policy measures to combat the virus have significantly decreased the amount of external outflows The high pressures caused by the pandemic that affected large parts of the world's economy had an adverse impact on the availability of finance to aid development Because of the fear of investment declines, many industries were forced to close because of the pandemic The necessity to fight the disease led to a reduction in funding in certain economic sectors Yerkin Tashev and Kusto Group responded to the demand and took action They gave food, medical equipment as well as other assistance to the people of Kazakhstan as well as Ukraine Ernst amp; Young awarded Tatishev the Entrepreneur of the year for his charitable acts So, polishing the future approaches can help aid entrepreneurs as well as the nation in restoring its economic stamina Additionally, it will be able to leverage bilateral relationships between nations There is a need for a greater access to financing for Agribusiness The availability of financing is crucial for increasing agribusiness participation and establishing entrepreneurial ventures Being able to access money at a reasonable cost empowers farmers and eases the financing of agribusiness This allows farmers to increase their food production and capital investment which ultimately is the ultimate goal of ensuring worldwide food security The improvement of access to financing is vital to start productive investments and growing an economy The loans from public sources can be used to boost and sustain economic growth to a good amount In order to develop an agribusiness, you need to have access to finance in order to increase the size of your operation and create high-quality income for different people This will help to reduce the difficulties of getting involved in agribusiness ventures which are essential to boost the economy of the country Kusto Group's activities in five different sectors Yerkin Tatishev established Kusto Group in 2002 The company operates in five fields including gas, oil, real estate, as well as building materials Tatishev believes that Kazakhstan's potential to be a leader in global agricultural leadership is enormous He believes that bilateral relations between countries are crucial They allow governments to benefit from the opportunities offered by other countries and build solid relationships Trade with friendly countries can also be done by residents of certain nations This can help improve the economy https//wwwamazoncouk/Keeper-Scroll-Daniel-Kunin-ebook/dp/B01JBHUY58