Integrated Fridge Freezers Refrigerators with integrated fridge freezers are built into kitchen cabinets and appear as if they are part of them This is a very popular option for those who prefer a sleek and contemporary look Make sure you have enough space to move the fridge-freezer It's important to leave space of air for air circulation Aesthetics Integrated fridge freezers are flush with cabinets in the kitchen and their doors match the kitchen cabinets This gives them an elegant look These models are popular with homeowners who prefer a minimalist look They are also great for small kitchens or those with open-plan living spaces as they make space for floor space The first thing to consider when selecting an integrated refrigerator freezer is the size of your kitchen It is essential to ensure that the appliance will fit in your kitchen, and any other appliances The capacity of the refrigerator is another important aspect to consider This refers to the amount of litres it is able to hold There are models that can hold as little as 18-litres the equivalent of a bag of grocery items and up to 350-litres for households with large families Once you've established the type and size of fridge freezer you require then it's time to consider the features and options available For example certain models have humidity-controlled crispers to keep fresh fruits and vegetables crisp and delicious and some feature adjustable glass shelves to give you maximum flexibility Some models even have advanced technology such as no-frost and super freeze technology that reduces the amount of ice When selecting an integrated refrigerator freezer energy efficiency is also a factor to consider Make sure you choose a model with an A or A+ energy rating to lower your energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact GHI experts test refrigerator freezers to determine the best models They check their temperature control for 24 hours and examine the areas that remain cooler and cool The experts also examine how fast the appliance can reach its set temperature and maintains it, as well as how well it recovers after being left open They also check if it has enough space to accommodate your storage requirements Energy efficiency In recent years, the makers of fridge freezers have made huge steps to improve efficiency and cut down on running costs They've improved insulation standards and introduced high-efficiency compressors as well as improved features like defrosting and temperature control But, the majority of integrated fridge freezers are rated C or D for energy efficiency The rating system is complex and considers energy consumption and the size and space of the appliance If you're looking for an item that is more energy-efficient you'll need to choose one with a smaller size But, it's important to remember that the smallest models aren't always the most energy-efficient The key to choosing an integrated fridge-freezer that has good energy efficiency is to consider the internal configuration, including how much space there is in each compartment, and if there is a movable freezer split or fridge Some manufacturers offer a standard 50/50 split between the freezer and fridge, while others offer 60/40 or 70/30 Look for the energy labeling https//wwwfrydgeuk/ will help you compare different appliances, and will reveal how much the freezer and fridge consume in a year It will also display the energy rating that can range from A to G - the more green the appliance, the greater its efficiency Keep in mind that eco-friendly appliances are not only are more efficient and efficient, but they are also better for the environment A fridge that is efficient will cut down on your household's energy use which will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide generated by your appliances Therefore, even though it may cost you a bit more to purchase a fridge freezer that is integrated with a high energy rating, you'll be saving money in the end due to lower electricity costs This is particularly true in the event that your fridge freezer isn't energy efficient If it's over 10 years old, it might be time to think about replacing it with a new model that is more environmentally green Flexibility Behind subtle facias, integrated fridge freezers are packed with innovative technology These appliances are designed to make your life easier by decreasing the time it takes to defrost and store food for longer A lot of the most recent models are also equipped with compartments that are convenient and offer the highest degree of flexibility For example Samsung's FlexZone has four temperature settings allowing you to store various kinds of food items This is great for chilling wine bottles or keeping all your veggies in one place when you have guests over Hisense's My Fresh Choice also has a separate zone which can be set to four different temperatures, ideal for storing ready meals and frozen pizza Many of the integrated refrigerator freezers in our range come with adjustable drawers and glass shelves that are perfect for organizing all kinds of things Large door shelves let you store large containers of milk, fruit juice and other things Crispers that are controlled by humidity keep your vegetables and fruits fresher for longer Hisense's BigBox freezer has many compartments and drawers to store and organizing your frozen food items A water and ice dispenser is another thing to look for in an integrated fridge freezer This is a fantastic feature for those who want to make their kitchen more comfortable and user-friendly, particularly for families with young children who may require drinks or snacks anytime Lastly, when choosing an integrated fridge freezer, be sure it matches the split type of your current appliance 70/30 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30 and verify the dimensions of your cabinet doors as well This will ensure that the new fridge freezer will fit perfectly and doesn't require costly work to install Want to know more about an integrated fridge-freezer for your dream kitchen Explore our range here or why not book a free home visit from our friendly team We can even take your old appliance Maintenance Refrigerators with integrated freezers are becoming more popular since they offer a stylish and contemporary appearance to your kitchen But, if they break down, it can be more complicated to get them repaired than a stand-alone appliance, and you may need to wait longer for an engineer to visit your home There are a lot of things you can do before calling a repairman or woman Many freezer issues in fridges can be easily fixed with simple tests and repairs instead of calling an engineer For instance, if your freezer doesn't seem to be cooling, it might be because there is an accumulation of ice on the fan of your evaporator This is a vital component of the refrigerator that has to be cleaned regularly This could be due to dirty condenser coils which can impact a refrigerator's cooling ability Follow our handy guide to inspect and clean them frequently Another possible reason why your freezer isn't functioning is that the thermostat could be defective and requires fixing by an engineer Unplug your freezer and remove the fan It is possible to remove it and shake it If it rattles, then it is likely that the thermostat is faulty If you notice that the door to your freezer isn't sealing properly It is possible to solve the issue by taking off the fridge and loosening the screws along the top and down the sides of the door, then peeling back the gasket of rubber before replacing it with an entirely new gasket Make sure you purchase the correct type of gasket for your particular model and that it is securely screwed into the correct position You can browse a selection of spare fridge freezer parts online such as defrost heaters terminators and timers It is worth checking whether your manufacturer has its own spares website prior to shopping for spares You can also look at websites like Amazon to compare prices Often, these sites will provide detailed instructions for replacing and installing as well These are essential to follow when you plan to do the work yourself