If you are caring for an elderly loved one, a GPS tracker can be a valuable tool You can use it to follow an aging person's whereabouts, to check on him or her when they are home alone, or for other purposes There are several GPS trackers available on the market, but it is important to choose the right device for your needs https//wwwpersonalmedicalalarmsconz/fall-detection-alarms/ First, you must know what a GPS tracker is In simple terms, a GPS tracker is a wireless device that sends signals to a computer or mobile phone It can also be used to track a fleet of vehicles The device's main function is to pinpoint a precise location Another great feature of a GPS tracker is its SOS button This is especially important if your loved one has fallen and if you need to call for help When the button is pressed, an alert is sent to the monitoring team A GPS tracker may also include geofencing capabilities These enable users to set boundaries around their frequented locations As long as the wearer remains inside these pre-set boundaries, the tracking device reports accurate location information Finally, a GPS tracker for seniors may come with a medical alert feature When the wearer is unable to respond to a notification, the device will automatically activate two-way voice communication A GPS tracker can help to provide a sense of security to your senior, which will enable them to live independently for longer Some of the best models are waterproof, allowing you to monitor your aging parent even while swimming