Keeping an elderly person safe at home is a major priority for family members and caregivers https//wwwpersonalmedicalalarmsconz/ Whether your loved one is staying at home, living in an assisted living or nursing facility, or simply needs some help to get around the house, there are several things you can do to make your home more accessible and safer for them Identify a List of Trip Hazards To keep your loved one safe, take the time to assess and eliminate any potential hazards that could cause a fall This includes throw rugs, which may look attractive but aren't stable, and carpeting on stairs that is worn or has loose handrails Add a Stair Ramp or Handrails Installing steps or a ramp on the side of the stairs is an easy way to make it easier and more comfortable for seniors to climb the stairs If you don't have room for a ramp, consider installing a handrail on each side of the stairs Remove Clutter from the Floor and Stairs Seniors often have difficulty finding their way around the house, especially when their memory and mobility are impaired To keep your loved one safe, remove as much clutter from the floors and stairs as possible, including books, shoes, and toys that can be tripped over Reorganize Commonly Used Items Organize pots and pans, dishware and clothing in cabinets with high shelves that can be reached by those with reduced vision Also, consider moving power outlets and light switches to an accessible location behind small furniture