Here's the nested spintax format for the provided text Bangkok – 31 October twenty twenty-three - SAIC Motor-CP and MG Sales Thailand, unveil the opening of their inaugural battery production plant across Southeast Asia Located at the NEW ENERGY INDUSTRIAL PARK, the plant's production capabilities is expected to reach 50,000 units of EV battery packs every year, making the company ready to become a frontrunner in the Kingdom's EV manufacture and for Thailand to serve as a manufacturing base of electric vehicles across Southeast Asia SAIC Motor-CP has launched its new EV battery manufacturing plant in ASEAN under the name of HASCO-CP BATTERY SHOP, situated in the NEW ENERGY INDUSTRIAL PARK and spanning across the area of around 75 rais Following https//rabbibird84bloggersdelightdk/2024/04/13/morris-garages-launches-electric-vehicle-battery-manufacturing-facility-driving-forward-to-become-a-hub-for-ev-production-within-the-kingdom-of-thailand-and-asean/ laying ceremony held this past April, the battery manufacturing plant is divided into a pair of core zones The first one is the battery assembly line which is fully automated through state-of-the-art robotics, Laser Welding ensuring precision as well as CCD vision systems for cross-checking the standards of battery with its prototype before its installation into an 100 electric vehicle The second area is allocated for battery standard testing comprising over 60 processes such as Charge amp; Discharge, Air Leak Test, Insulation Test as well as static load tests The production line can produce as many as 50,000 Cell-To-Pack battery units annually, with the quality on par with those produced for global markets Battery packs produced from this manufacturing plant will be initially deployed in the MG4 EV and other other models in the future At present, the factory is in its preparatory production phases and is expected to officially open in 2024 Mr Zhao Feng, President at SAIC Motor-CP, stated, "This battery production plant is part of the masterplan underlying New Energy Industrial Estate located inside WHA ESIE 2 industrial zone in Chonburi province earmarked towards local manufacture of EVs Along with an added investment outlay worth 500 million Thai baht, the factory has been configured for the manufacture of Cell-To-Pack CTP electric vehicle battery packs utilizing the new cube battery design Given the robust growth as well as increasing potential within Thailand's EV market, SAIC MOTOR CORPORATION and HASCO-CP recognize the potential to become the production hub for electric vehicles for both domestic and international distribution, particularly across ASEAN countries" "Since 2019, MG has penetrated the Kingdom's electric vehicle market, and today EVs have become highly popular witnessing rapid adoption as seen from a cumulative sales figure for EVs crossing 18,000 units In addition to Morris Garages offering a wide range of electric vehicles in response to varied lifestyle needs as well as requirements among Thai buyers, yet another notable key driver towards the brand's success lies in the fact that MG also pays attention to creating and strengthening an EV ecosystem which caters to long-term use of electric vehicles, especially through the investment for the installation of MG's fast-charging network which is now available countrywide Moving forward with its EV roadmap, Morris Garages has recently taken its EV Ecosystem a notch higher by the opening of EV battery assembly plant — a reflection of the brand's dedication