What You Need to Know About Your Nissan Key Fob You've lost your Nissan key fob or the device stopped working Before you panic or call the dealer, go back and look at the last place you had it It's not difficult to change the battery on your Nissan key fob You'll soon get the hang of it Smart Keys Keys The key fob that came with the key fob that came with your Nissan is a crucial part of the car's advanced keyless entry system It connects to the vehicle's electronics to open doors and turn on the engine It also has an elegant design that makes it easy to carry in your pocket Key fobs also come with features that make life easier, like a lockout protection function, which ensures that you won't accidentally leave the vehicle with keys inside Smart keys are wireless unlike older models that required you to insert the key into an ignition slot in order to access the internal systems of your vehicle When you are near the vehicle, your Nissan detects the Intelligent Key fob's proximity to it and activates its internal functions This may include opening or locking the doors, lowering and raising the tailgate, and even starting the engine Certain smart key models are equipped with a valet key that is hidden inside the metal The key can be taken from a release found on the side of Smart Key fobs to lock the trunk or glovebox before giving it to valet The Smart Key fob has a charging pocket that can be used to charge the battery even when it is not in use You may need to replace the batteries on your Nissan Intelligent Key fob if it's not working properly Your owner's guide will provide the steps to change the batteries in all fobs Intelligent Key Fob With a Nissan Intelligent Key Fob, you can unlock the doors of your car and start its engine with a click of an button You can also activate a set of presets to cater to your preferences such as altering the mirrors or seat for maximum comfort You can even manage the music via your phone, meaning you'll never have to leave your vehicle Intelligent Key Fob have a built-in antenna, which transmits a signal when you approach your vehicle or press one of its buttons When your vehicle receives this signal it will activate the system, unlocking or locking doors, starting the engine, and opening the trunk To test the fob out take a step back from your car and press on the buttons If the lights flash, or the horn sounds, then you have successfully programmed the Intelligent Key Fob Like all remotes, Intelligent Key fobs require batteries to operate If the battery in yours is depleted, our Parts Department can help you replace it quickly and easily To do https//wwwthekeylabcouk/nissan-car-keys/ , remove the key that is hidden from your key fob Then, open its battery compartment Replace the old battery with a new one after you have removed the old one Make sure that the positive side of the new one is facing the same direction that the previous one did Close the compartment for the battery, and then return the secret key back to its concealed place within the case Remote Start Nissan remote start lets drivers to cool or heat their vehicles from outside, as long as they are within the operating range The ignition of the vehicle is activated by pressing the button on the key fob or mobile application Remote start systems can also activate climate control so that the driver is able to choose their preferred temperature Certain systems come with two-way communication that allows the driver be aware of what is happening inside their vehicle If your car's remote start function isn't functioning, the most likely reason is a low battery The key fob uses batteries that are small and replaceable that lasts approximately two years before it has to be replaced It's a simple process, but you'll have to know the location of the hidden key on the Intelligent Key fob and how to access the battery compartment Flip the fob over and press the latch on the backside of the keypad Once the key pad is open remove the battery and replace it with a brand new one, making sure it is the same size and shape of the existing battery Be sure to install the key hidden in the case and reassemble the key fob correctly before closing the case Our parts department will assist you with replacing the battery on your Intelligent Key fob Lockout Protection Lockout protection can prevent nuisance lockouts caused by the impedance relay failing A special module in the power control unit watches for the activity of the impedance relay, and then shuts down the output This feature is only available on vehicles that have the Smart Key system or through the personalization menu for the vehicle Many fatal accidents have occurred when machines started to run when it was supposed to be shut off to prevent maintenance or repairs These accidents are usually caused by stored energy that has not been properly released Lock-out-tag-out LOTO is a method to ensure that machines remain off until a designated individual releases them, helps prevent these types of accidents The LOTO system consists of a number of locks, tags and other devices that are used to isolate, secure or isolate a machine from an electrical source All "affected" and "authorized" personnel are required to be trained in the use of these devices These devices include but are not limited to locks, chains padlocks and wedges, adapter pins, and self-locking fasteners Each device is identified and labelled, including the date and time at which it was put in use as well as the name and title of the person who is authorized and the reason for the lockout/tagout repairs, maintenance and so on It should be clear that these devices are not able to be removed until an entire LOTO procedure has been followed