How to Install a Wall Mounted Fireplace A fireplace that is mounted on the wall can add comfort and style to your home It can also help save space in the room It is easy to set up Follow the steps for your specific model of fireplace The amount of heat that is generated by the fireplace is equally important You want it to be sufficient to provide warmth throughout the room It's stylish and elegant Wall-mounted fireplaces can be a stylish addition to any residence, but they can especially be a good option for homes that don't have room for an old-fashioned or masonry-built fireplace There are several sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your space Some models have a dramatic, curved front which adds visual interest Certain models are recessed into the walls, but not all https//wwwfireplacesandstovecom/categories/wall-mounted-electric-fires allows them to fit partially within the wall, giving a more seamless appearance and reducing the extent to which they stand out from your wall Aside from their aesthetic design, the majority of models are made to look realistic with flames that flicker, and an ember bed that glow Many have remote controls that can be used to alter the flame's settings, the heat level and more One of the great things about a wall mounted fireplace is that it can be positioned almost anywhere You can hang it over your couch in the living room, for example, to create a cozy space to read or chat with your friends while taking in the warmth and flames They can be hung in the basement or dining room to add style and ambience to spaces that may not have enough space to accommodate a fireplace This allows you to use your imagination to create a unique space that will impress your guests You can install an electric fireplace on the wall of your bedroom to create a tranquil intimate space where you can enjoy the warm flames and embers You can either keep the flames burning or switch on the heating to provide extra warmth on colder nights MagikFlame's unique Holographic design is the most realistic electric fireplace on the market today They come with Hollywood special effects that can be controlled from an app or remote mobile app This is an excellent way to turn your fireplace's electric features into an entertainment system for the modern home This is especially helpful when you're having guests over and want to control the lighting and sound with your phone It helps save space A wall-mounted fireplace can be erected on any wall of the house without having to remove the floor or install new plumbing You can also put your fireplace higher on the wall, which will create more of an aesthetic focal feature Many people put their fireplaces above their TVs to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere Depending on the type of fireplace you pick You may be able to conserve more space by installing it as a recessed electric fireplace This means that the fireplace could actually be integrated into the wall so it will be almost in line with the wall and will only stand out a little This is a great option for those who want to create a sophisticated appearance It is not easy to integrate an old-fashioned fireplace into a modern living space Recessed wall mounted fireplaces are usually powered by electricity This means that they can be plugged into any common electrical outlet They are a great choice for those who do not have access to natural gas or who do not want to use burning fuels that ignite in their home Most wall mounted fireplaces that are recessed places also come with an heating system This can be an excellent way to provide supplemental heating in rooms that are often used You can also save space by choosing a fireplace that does not include mantel Instead, these fireplaces feature frames that are constructed from stainless steel or other material Some of these frames are very stylish and eye-catching They can bring a pop to the room, or draw attention to other features There are also wall mounted fireplaces which can be hung on the wall to create an art work They are great for areas which aren't ideal for a fireplace such as a bathroom or kitchen It's simple to install Installing a fireplace on a wall is as simple as possible The instructions will clearly describe the steps to follow whether you choose a wood, gas or bioethanol fire The process generally involves mounting a wall bracket, attaching the fire to this and then hanging the fire The ideal way to do this is to attach the fire to a stud in your wall to ensure it's secured Some electrical fires have a display base to mount the fire, which is perfect for those who aren't comfortable drilling into their wall The first step is to determine where you want the fireplace to be located in your room Make sure it's somewhere that isn't blocking any doors or windows, and is safe from any combustible material like curtains Once you've chosen the location, ensure that the electricity outlet is in close proximity Many wall mounted fireplaces require a mains outlet, which must be nearby A stud finder can assist you in locating the final point of mounting It is recommended to install the fire in a wall on solid walls However, it is possible to do it on lathe or plaster walls After locating the mounting point and marking the rough opening on your wall using a pencil Cut two 2x6s one-inch shorter than the wall you will be installing which will serve as the top and bottom plates for the fireplace opening Mark the studs' positions every 16 inches across both plates Fasten the studs with screws through the plates, and then install drywall into the opening Once the drywall is fitted, you can place the electric fire It's a great idea to test your fire before beginning the installation Plug it in and then turn on the light and heat and so on It's time to start A wall-mounted fireplace is a simple and quick method to change the look of your living space and create an upscale look It's a great alternative for an old-fashioned fire, as it is easy to maintain and does not require a chimney It's safe Wall mounted fireplaces require some attention, despite the fact that they're less combustible They should be properly installed to ensure that they're stable and be sure to keep them away from things that are combustible, such as window treatments, furniture or rug You should also keep a fire extinguisher or carbon monoxide detector nearby and follow all manufacturer instructions to ensure safe use If properly installed, wall mounted electric fireplaces are very safe They are simple to use and offer an alternative to gas or wood fireplaces They generate heat via a heater on the bottom of the unit which releases air out of vents on the top of the fireplace This creates a comfortable and cozy ambience and the flames appear real thanks to a special LED technology They are also very easy to maintain and use as they don't produce any ash or sparkles If you are looking for a wall mounted fireplace make sure you select one with an remote control so that you can regulate the flames and temperature easily Begin by measuring the space where you want to install the fireplace on the wall Then you can use a stud finder to locate the studs within the wall and mark the area where you will cut it Then, place an enclosure around the opening to give it a polished appearance and provide support Once the frame is installed, utilize the single bracket mounting system to attach the fireplace There are several different types of wall-mounted electric fireplaces available on the market, and each has its own advantages Some models can be recessed in the wall to give an even look These are especially helpful in areas where you aren't able to install the traditional fireplace Make sure to read reviews before you choose a model You can also ask other people about their experiences with certain models This will help you decide which one is best for your home and needs