Integrated Fridge Freezers Invisibly concealed behind fascias that are integrated hidden behind subtly integrated fascias, the fridge freezers are an integral element of your dream kitchen Don't be deceived They are brimming with the latest technology and plenty of storage options, including wine racks and four door shelves They also have twin fruit and vegetables bins They can also come with Hettich or Ingol hinges, which ensure long-lasting performance Size The integrated fridge freezers are designed to fit directly into kitchen cabinets and are typically shorter in height than freestanding models They can be an ideal choice if looking for a sleek and modern appliance that blends in with your cabinetry and counters You can also use them in the event that your home doesn't have enough space to accommodate a separate refrigerator When choosing an integrated refrigerator freezer, you need to consider a few things One of the primary reasons why they cost more is because they are built-in models This is due to the additional expenses of purchasing and installing fridge cabinets as well as kitchen cabinet doors and a bridging cabinet to make the refrigerator integrated It is also important to note that fridge freezers with integrated refrigerators aren't always easy to servicing This is due to the fact that the refrigerator has to be removed from its housing cabinet and doors for kitchen cabinets must be re-hung, which could take months or even weeks Therefore, it is essential to find a reputable, reliable kitchen fitter who can take the time and care required to complete the task right When you're considering a new integrated fridge freezer it is important to take a careful measurement of the space before purchasing it Be sure to leave space on either side of the appliance to allow you to to open the doors Also, you should check the door hinges on the refrigerator A lot of cheap models have inferior hinges, which aren't made to withstand the weight of a refrigerator, and often break after a few years Refrigerators that are integrated can be found in a variety of widths that can help to maximize the storage space The depth of the fridge can also affect your kitchen cabinets If you're planning to put tall cabinets above your refrigerator, you could require the appliance to be made according to a specified length to ensure it will fit Check that the ventilation of the fridge has been cut correctly If not, you could have issues later Style It's important to consider various factors prior to making a decision Freestanding fridge freezers are more popular because they are bulky and can take up a lot of space Integrated models are sleek and seamless and blend into your cabinetry They are usually flush with the counters and cabinetry around them The doors are set which means they don't protrude They are also ready for paneling to give your kitchen a an edgier look Many come with stainless steel fronts to give an attractive and modern appearance Despite their appearance they don't compromise storage space since the freezer compartment can be quite large and is typically located in the lower part of the appliance to give ample space for your frozen items You can also choose from a variety of width sizes with most brands offering between 20 and 24 inches of width, which is more than you'll find on freestanding freezers Due to their design and the fact that they are integrated into your kitchen you will probably find integrated fridges to be more expensive than fridge freezers that are freestanding This is mainly because the cost of a fridge housing cabinet and the kitchen cabinets to make the surround will increase the overall price https//wwwfrydgeuk/categories/fridge-freezers might be unable to move their appliances if they decide to move You'll need to remove the whole appliance from its cabinetry It's not as simple as unplugging and removing the appliance as you would do with a freestanding model The integrated fridges are also more difficult to repair since they are a part of your kitchen If something goes wrong, you will need to get a fridge engineer in to take the appliance apart and replace any broken parts This could be a costly process, and certainly more expensive than purchasing a new freezer for your refrigerator Energy efficiency A high-efficiency integrated refrigerator freezer can reduce your household bills It will also save energy by cutting down on the time it takes to run, and also be more environmentally friendly by making use of less energy Look for models with an Aor B-energy rating to make a difference Unlike freestanding models, which have their own housing integrated models are built into the cabinetry This lets the fridge blend seamlessly into your kitchen design and create an elegant, uniform look Certain models come with sliding doors that permit you to open the fridge without opening the cabinet door Some models are panel-ready This means that they can be covered with cabinets to disguise your refrigerator behind your cabinets The downside to integrated fridge freezers are that they tend to be more expensive than other alternatives The reason is that they are produced in smaller quantities and are more of a premium market However the installation costs are also a factor The hinges and panels that are added to the furniture are a major factor as are the additional costs of having to make your furniture work with the fridge Some integrated fridge freezers require more maintenance, and some require frequent defrosting to get rid of ice accumulation Beko's integrated fridge freezers have frost-free technology that makes it easier to maintain and minimize defrosting The capacity of a fridge/freezer integrated is a different aspect to consider The more litres, the more food that can be stored Make sure you choose models with at least 150 litres in the fridge and as much as 350 litres in the freezer You can pick from a range of storage options, such as shelves and drawers that offer plenty of space for fresh produce, or bottle racks to store larger milk bottles There are integrated fridge freezers that have a 50/50 split and can be used to store chilled and frozen food Stores The main advantage of integrated refrigerator freezers is they take up less room than freestanding models This allows you to maximize the space in your kitchen They can also sit close to counters and cabinets which creates a seamless design However, this implies they have a lower capacity for storage than freestanding models They are also more expensive to purchase and operate than freestanding refrigerator freezers that meet the same specifications This is down to a variety of factors like the cost to develop and manufacture, the fact that they're regarded as to be a luxury item, and the additional cost of installation and customization that they incur Additionally integrated fridge freezers are a lot more difficult to access than their freestanding counterparts, which could cause problems when you need to service them This is especially true if you buy an inexpensive integrated refrigerator freezer with poorly-made hinges that can break in time The size of your family as well as your storage requirements will determine the best integrated refrigerator freezer It is also important to take into consideration how much food will be storing in your fridge and if you'll be keeping large platters or frozen food items Most fridge freezers with integrated refrigerators have storage capacities of between 150-350 litres This is enough to store up 19 bags of groceries The top integrated fridge freezers will offer additional features that will help keep your food fresh and healthy For instance, some have airflow technology that distributes cool air evenly across shelves, while others include an antibacterial lining that will minimize odours as well as prevent mould Certain models have a quick freeze feature that lowers the temperature of your freezer quickly which allows you to freeze fresh items without freezing solid If you like to keep your meat, fish, and dairy products at a certain temperature then look for refrigerators that have integrated freezers that feature a BioFresh section These compartments are maintained at a low level of humidity and will keep your fish, meat, and dairy fresher for longer than a normal fridge freezer In addition, vegetables and fruits can stay more crisp for longer in a HydroSafe compartment that's maintained at a higher humidity