Why Garage Door Repair Cambridge Is Necessary Damaged doors can disrupt the flow of traffic inside the home or business It is crucial to fix them as quickly as you are able Additionally, they must be maintained regularly to ensure long term functionality Here are a few of the most common problems that can cause damage to the door Broken or damaged rollers The rollers of garage doors are the core element that allow the door to slide up and down without causing too much friction or excessive noise The components can be damaged for many reasons, such as inadequate maintenance, lubrication, and debris buildup on the track These issues can lead to an increase in their lifespan and may cause them to break or cease functioning completely It is therefore important that homeowners regularly examine their garage door and identify any problems immediately they are noticed One of the most common indications that rollers on a door are worn or damaged is a loud screeching sound when the door is moved up and down It is usually a sign that the rollers have lost lubrication or are exposed to too much friction due to misalignment If this isn't treated promptly it could result in the door becoming crooked, and putting excessive stress on other parts such as hinges Another indication of a damaged roller is the appearance of grinding marks made by metal on metal Most of the time, these marks are the result of the rollers colliding with other metallic components on the track or other components such as hinges The components are designed to prevent contact between them however if they come into contact often and the rollers are prone to being damaged Finally, rust or corrosion can also harm the rollers in the long term Corrosion happens when the salt in the air begins to destroy the metal pieces of your garage door, including the tracks and the rollers Rust is a major problem since it is able to not only impact the appearance of the garage door, but also hinder its performance and decrease its lifespan A specialist can inspect your rollers and determine whether they require repair or replaced entirely They can then give you the right advice and guidance to ensure that your garage door will continue to function as smoothly as possible Broken or Damaged Hinges Hinges are only a small component of the entire door system They're the ones responsible for supporting the weight of the door when it opens and closing In time, hinges may be damaged or loosen This could lead to a dangerous situation in which the door does not open or close correctly This is particularly relevant for older doors that may have been installed in a poor way or with inferior materials A door that is well-installed is subject to lots of stress and strain every time it is closed and opened and hinges are the primary component of the process They are able to withstand the strain but they could also be damaged if a unique event occurs such as backing a vehicle into the door If a hinge is damaged, the door can not open or close properly, which can interfere with your daily routine and cause inconvenience This is why it's so crucial to repair or replace hinges as soon as you discover any damage https//wwwrepairmywindowsanddoorscouk/cambridge-windowrepair/ and the simplest tools can be used to repair a broken door hinge Start by taking the hinge off the door and then preparing the space for glue The hinge's moving parts are protected from glue by applying petroleum jelly Sand the cup part of the hinge, where it touches the jamb with sandpaper to get rid of any burrs Then, put scraps of wood on both sides of the door over the cracks, and then clamp them together The clamp's jaw fits on each block, while the other one grips the edge of the mortise for the hinge the shallow recess that the hinge fits into on the side of the door Install the hinge on the door, then tighten the screws Broken or damaged tracks The tracks, like every other part of your garage door, can wear out over time The tracks may be damaged if a vehicle hits your garage or if someone tries to smash a car into the track It's important that you call a professional right away to address the issue If the tracks aren't fixed in a timely manner, they may begin to bend and cause issues with your garage door This can lead to the garage door not being able open or close, which can be a major hassle and put the safety of those who use the door at risk You can avoid this by ensuring that the company you choose to work with prioritises fixing the tracks first In addition, you should choose a company that offers repair services on the same day This will ensure that your door is repaired efficiently and accurately This will prevent the track from breaking in the future It will also provide you with peace of mind knowing that your garage door is safe for everyone