Your beauty should not be concealed, plus-size women can also shine in the audience. According to recent research from LinkedIn, almost a quarter of all plus-size employees believe that they have been passed over for a job or a promotion because of their weight. More than half of all overweight workers added that they feel excluded from their team and office culture because of their size. The statistics become even more sobering on the subject of the weight gap. According to LinkedIn’s research, British employees classes as obese earn, on average, £1,940 less than their non-obese counterparts. There’s still a gender pay gap among overweight men and women, too, with plus-size women earning on average £8,919 less each year than plus-size men. Women are also more likely to suffer psychologically in the office because of their weight: 39% said that they felt uncomfortable at work because of their weight and 38% said that their weight impacted their confidence and performance on the job. Women of any size should not be discriminated against, let's say no to discrimination, God has given us the right to live freely, all women stand up, let's say no to discrimination. Similarly, plus-size women also have the right to show their beauty. If you need swimsuits at this time, welcome to browse our webpage. Sexy, wild, charming, and cute can all be your labels......more. LEOPARD PRINT STRAP PLUS SIZE SWIMSUITS Leopard Print Swimsuits / Strap Swimsuits / Plus Size Swimsuits click» click»