Truck Accident Settlement - Why Expert Witnesses Are Needed in Truck Accident Cases A truck accident is one of the most life-changing events It is crucial for victims to find a reputable personal injury lawyer in their corner A skilled truck accident lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation and gather all evidence and collaborate with experts to determine general damages This ensures victims get the compensation they deserve Damages A successful claim for compensation from a truck accident will grant victims the amount of compensation they require to cover the cost of repairs, expenses and damages resulting from the accident This could include economic and non-economic compensatory damages Economic damages are tangible and tangible, like medical expenses or loss of wages as a result of missing work Non-economic damages allow you to quantify the psychological, emotional, and physical suffering that is caused by an accident However, these damages can be difficult to quantify A personal injury lawyer will help victims receive most compensation for both categories One of the most important aspects of a truck accident case is determining the extent of liability or fault This can be done by an investigation process in which the lawyers for both sides look over the facts and exchange information The driver responsible for the crash may be held liable for the actions he or she took and so will the trucking company that employs them, if they failed to maintain the vehicle or enforcing unreasonable delivery times Victims may also be entitled to compensation for property damage caused by the collision This includes both the costs of repairing or replacing their car, as well in other valuable possessions like jewelry, watches and electronics The cost of traveling to appointments with doctors or other locations can be refunded if the crash caused them to travel Additionally, an experienced attorney can help claimants get compensation for other losses that aren't immediately financial in the sense of immediate financial compensation This can include the decrease in enjoyment and quality of life that is caused by severe injuries https//vimeocom/707389803 could be related to hobbies, passions, and even the ability to enjoy time with family members It's important to keep in mind that the person who has been injured is entitled to the full amount of damages they suffered and not just the amount they can prove The experienced lawyers at Rechtman amp; Spevak can assist with every aspect of a truck accident claim and can help establish the liability It is recommended to consult a lawyer prior to speaking with an insurance agent The adjuster may appear helpful and friendly, but what you say could be used against your interests in court You can be assured that an attorney will protect your interests and fight for the fair settlement you're entitled to Contact us today to schedule an appointment at no cost We offer services to clients throughout state of New York Our office is conveniently located at Albany We are open to taking calls 24/7 We accept all major cards and provide financing We also offer free initial consultations to potential clients We do not charge a fee in the event that we do not win or settle your case Liability Trucks are larger and heavier than passenger cars, therefore they tend to cause more serious injuries when they collide with other motor vehicles This is one reason why truck accidents are generally more expensive than collisions with passenger cars In addition, it's important to determine all potential participants in a truck crash when making a compensation claim The trucking industry typically has a large number of employees contractors, insurance policies, and contractors They also have legal teams who specialize in defending clients If you're able to identify all parties who were involved in the crash, you could make an argument for the most damages In addition to the cost of medical treatment and property damage, you'll need to think about how your injuries impact your daily routine For instance, you may not be able to enjoy your hobbies or engage in the same activities that you were used to prior to the accident These changes in your life will be reflected in the amount of your settlement Another expense that should be included in your settlement is the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle A truck's size and weight can cause serious or even total damage when it is struck by a smaller vehicle, so the damages to your vehicle should be reflected in the final amount Your lawyer can assist you determine the exact value of your medical expenses as well as the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle They can also estimate lost wages caused by the accident This includes any income you've lost due to your absence from work because of your treatment as well as the loss of earning potential if you're unable to return to the same line of work Finally, your lawyer can determine any pain and suffering you're entitled to receive This will depend on the physical and emotional suffering that you've experienced and also the impact your injuries have had on your relationships If you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and are unable to maintain an enduring relationship, the court could be able to award damages In addition, if the truck driver was an employee of the company the employer may be held responsible for their lapses Some trucking companies, however, attempt to avoid this scenario by classifying their driver as independent contractors, not employees The courts will decide the extent to which an employer is in control of the actions of a driver for instance, providing insurance or requiring them in a certain way In these situations the court will determine whether a truck driver is an employee or an independent contractor in a case of negligence If a driver is an employee, their employer is jointly and severally responsible alongside the negligent trucker to pay any damages awarded to accident victims Expert Witnesses A professional who has specialized knowledge in a particular field is an expert witness They offer impartial opinions, guidance and an understanding of your case This allows them to help your lawyer to present a convincing argument in court, and it increases the chances that you will get an acceptable settlement The kind of expert you need will depend on the specific aspect of your case they are assisting with An expert in accident reconstruction may be essential in cases of truck accidents, as they are able to recreate the accident in a way that makes it easier for the victim to understand This may include analyzing the location the truck was, how the accident occurred, and the reason it was there in the first instance These experts are typically used to determine what went wrong during an accident that caused damage A manufacturing expert may be able to offer insight into the way an industry standard was violated by a defective product in the accident Additionally, a safety professional can provide an explanation of why certain parts of the semi-truck's engine were not working correctly and could have led to your injuries Forensic toxicologists and drug recognition experts are a great resource when dealing with cases involving drugs or alcohol These professionals can help your attorney prove the defendant's negligence, by drawing an exact connection between alcohol or drug intoxication and the crash Other expert witnesses could include metallurgists who are able to analyze the reasons why a component failed, and transportation engineers, who can determine whether road design or other factors contributed to an accident A forensic pathologist could assist in determining the reason for death Medical professionals such as orthopedists, neurologists and surgeons and physiatrists are able to provide valuable information for your case concerning how your injuries have impacted your life This is essential to prove that you have suffered and suffered damages For example, you need to prove that your injuries have kept you from working and earning a living Experts can assist with this by calculating lost promotions value, loss of pension benefits, and the rising medical costs Insurance companies are often referred to "wolves in sheepskins" and do everything they can to thwart or make you pay less than you should Let us handle all communications with the insurance company on behalf of you to ensure you don't fall into their traps When it is personal injury law, every minute detail is important This is why you must begin constructing your case as soon as you can It is also important to partner with a seasoned personal injury lawyer who will help you find the best experts to help you with your case Contact us if you're willing to speak with an attorney regarding your case We offer free consultations and we handle all cases on contingency This means that you will not be charged until we win your case