A Sectional Couch With Recliner Is Ideal For Large Families This article may contain links to companies that we receive products or money from Read our disclosure policy Channel tufting gives this sectional an unique appearance and neutral leather upholstery gives it a sophisticated feel that pairs well with contemporary or modern living spaces It also features a practical center console that includes storage and cup holders Comfort A sectional couch with recliners is a great choice for large families It allows multiple guests to sit comfortably while watching movies or playing video games With a wide range of styles and configurations to pick from, there is bound to be a sectional sofa that reclines that suits your space Decide the number of seats you require and which features are the most important to you prior to choosing the right sectional Are you looking for reclining seats, cupholders or a table that can be removed The options for the sectional are virtually endless, so take your time choosing what is best for your home The next step is to determine the size of a sectional you want There are many different types of sectionals, such as L, U and curved sections Each sectional is unique in design and a variety of seating capacities, depending on your family's requirements Select a sectional that has chaise lounges to maximize your space This extra-long seat is perfect for relaxing or laying down Some even come with a built-in footrest Include a wedge console for an immersive home theatre experience The wedge can be angled to fit in an area of the room, and can also be used as storage or a cup holder A reclining sectional could be coupled with two chairs that recline This layout is ideal for larger spaces, as it provides plenty of seating and leaves the floor open for movement https//wwwsofasandcouchescom/ come with recliners with power for additional convenience A sectional that reclines with an adjustable headrest is a premium option that allows you to have more control over your comfort You can recline, lift your feet and tilt the headrest to get the perfect position for your back This type of reclining has been proven to ease lower back pain and increase circulation There's a reclinable sofa that will satisfy your design needs regardless of whether you are looking for a modern sectional with pillows that are overstuffed or a leather version Shop Slumberland for a wide selection of fabrics, colors and leathers to help you match your existing decor Our furniture configurator lets you to create the perfect sectional to fit your space Convenience When you select a sectional sofa that reclines it will give you plenty of seating space to accommodate your family members and guests you invite over Depending on how many people are sitting in your living area, you may need more or fewer seats than the typical sofa Most sectional sofas with reclining feature a modular design that allows for a variety of configurations These sections can include sofas, loveseats, stationary chairs and much more They also feature consoles, drop-down table seats and other accessories Some of our most popular models include features like adjustable headrests with power and lumbar adjustments Choose a leather-upholstered design to match your midcentury contemporary or modern living space Other options, such as the Beckham and Bliss come with unique features, like a channel tufting and storage arms Some of our models include USB charging stations and the ability to illuminate cupholders If you're looking for the most convenient option, think about a sectional that reclines with built-in recliners, such as the Octane XL700 It comes with all the standard features and massage and heat Another thing to think about is the design of the sectional reclining sofa There are options available in U-shaped, L-shaped or curving designs A L-shaped sectional consists of two pieces that join to form an L, while a U-shaped set includes three sides that are similar in length Curved sectionals have a rounded anchoring center to create an atmosphere that is conducive to conversation or entertainment Once you decide on a layout, test out the comfort of your selection before deciding on a purchase Helmuth suggests that you include everyone in your family who is going to be on the sofa during the process This will allow them to express their opinions and give you an idea of what they think It's easy to buy recliner sofas on the internet, but it is best to test it first Examine prices, brands, and warranties before you make the purchase You can read reviews and suggestions of family and friends who have previously owned a reclining sofa sectional You can also visit the manufacturer's site to learn more Then, visit your local Homebody store to see the couches in person and make an informed purchase that you feel good about Style There is no doubt that a sectional sofa that reclines is the ideal addition to any family room They not only provide ample seating for large gatherings, but the reclining seats provide an extra degree of comfort and relaxation Plus, you can easily move the sections around to fit your space and requirements When selecting a sectional sofa with recliner, style is important You can choose a traditional roll-arm, like that found on the Palliser Rhodes Reclining Sectional or something more transitional and clean, such as the American Heritage Leather Giselle Sectional You can pick an oil-based finish that is dark or a light-brushed microfiber to give your living space an inviting, fresh look Other important aspects to consider when choosing recliner sectionals are fabric and color There are many manufacturers that offer a variety of options for different shades of brown or color palettes Some manufacturers offer accent fabrics on the back and arms of the reclining chair which can be used to add the appearance of color or pattern Another thing to consider when looking for a reclining sectional is whether you'd like it to have extra features, such as pockets for storage or built-in cupholders These are perfect to keep magazines, books and remotes in your reach while you relax or watch television You may also want a headrest with a power feature or a the lumbar to help you find that optimal sitting position These features are especially helpful for those who suffer from back discomfort and want to make sure that their spine is aligned and supported as they watch their favorite shows and movies on the big screen If you're limited on space and have a small space, a reclined sectional that has an upholstered chaise-style legrest that can be folded out from underneath the sofa is an excellent alternative This will allow for the most seating even in a small space and eliminates the need for an additional ottoman The reclining sectionals available from Slumberland come in various sizes and shapes that will fit any space Choose from L-shaped sections with left-arm facing or facing-right-arm facing chairs U-shaped sections and curved models offer maximum in seating capacity and flexibility A lot of the pieces have zero-clearance designs, which allows them to be positioned within a few inches of the wall without sacrificing comfort and functionality Value A sectional couch that has recliners is the ideal addition to your home, whether you're sitting with family or friends or watching a TV show, or hosting movie night With a variety of styles and sizes it's easy to locate the perfect recliner sofa to fit any space To make the process even simpler, Slumberland offers free shipping on all sectional orders of more than 499 When you are looking to purchase a sectional with a reclining chair you must take into account the layout of the room as well as the features you desire You'll need decide if you want the sectional with left-arm facing or facing right-arm A sectional that is left-arm facing comes with two upholstered pieces which are mirrored and fit side-by-side A sectional that has right-arm-facing features one long piece that extends from one end to the other Once you've settled on a shape, consider the color, fabric and leather You'll need to decide if you prefer reclined or stationary seats If you're planning on entertaining in a reclining sectional, a power-reclining one may be a good option It is designed for convenience and lets you adjust your seatback's angle at the press of a button Other options include cupholders, cooling pillow headsrests and pockets that are built-in A sectional sofa that reclines is perfect for large families or those who love reading an e-book or movies There are sofas with recliners that will fit your home's style in a range of shapes as well as leathers and other fabrics To help you narrow your choices, Slumberland Furniture has a comprehensive selection of sectional sofas to meet any style and size preference