Everybody is pretty much crypto crazy these days so I thought Id show some free ways you can obtain some online by yourself. This is one of the best methods/simplest methods and easiest faucet sites for quick claiming free (but very little amounts) every 1minute to 5minutes depending on the faucet of crypto your claiming. Some allow only to claim every 24hours. So with little effort in claiming free crypto and having the crypto paid into your wallet address in FaucetPay. your FAUCETPAY wallet is like your small bank account that holds the most common types of cryptos and allows you to grow your crypto by playing multiply games or doing surveys to earn more. but nevermind about that now. If you don't have faucet pay, you can signup below with the link. Its free.. And once you have an account with faucet pay - you will see when your on your dashboard that you can click on the 3 lines in the top left corner showing the side menu items. Where you will find the "EARN" menu. (see pics provided) and then faucets. You also have other earning options listed there that are worth the time. If you have the time. Otherwise the faucets are what you want.. They are listed under the crypto currency you desire - eg, bitcoin, if clicked, it will show you all sites to claim free bitcoin. There are many of these sites and some of which are not as great as others. So ill just provide you with the links to the faucet sites you do want, which requires you to signup on that faucet site too but only with an email and password - no extreme missions and then you can get free sums of crypto every few minutes. So here we go As facebook keeps you from posting links, please see all info and links relating to this post on the page that this link goes to. https://7r6.com/freefaucets Thanks ya'll.. hope this was helpful.. I will be listing some cool new sites for free crypto claiming, some gamer sites for games earning crypto rewards and also some alternative ways of earning or growing your owned crypto etc.. Cheers and god bless