An Electric Log Burner Fire An electric log burner fire offers the same warm glow as traditional wood stoves without the work, cutting wood and cleaning chimneys Installation is simple regardless of whether they are installed freestanding or in existing fireplaces Plug them into a standard 3-pin socket With a variety of models, you can choose different fuel effects like logs, crystal ice and more You can also select different flame settings, colour options, and lighting for the ember bed to match your decor Easy to install Electric log burners are a great method to bring the warmth and comfort of a genuine fireplace to your home They are not only easier to install than traditional wood-burning stoves, but they also require less maintenance They don't require chimneys and can be added to virtually any room of the house They are also great to create an attractive focal point in the living room or conservatory without taking up too much space The first step in changing an existing fireplace to an electric log burner is to choose the right surround You can pick from a variety of styles, depending on your personal taste and decor You can choose the perfect surround that has an inset design, or an electric fireplace insert that will work with your wall mounted fireplace Get assistance from a retailer if you are unsure which option is best Once you've found a suitable surround, put it into place prior to attaching the electric fire to the mounting bracket It is important to use a level to ensure that the unit is properly installed After the installation is completed you can connect the power supply and enjoy your new fireplace You should always adhere to the specific guidelines that came with your fireplace, as they will differ from one fire to the next Electric log burners can be a great alternative to traditional wood-burning stoves They can provide instant warmth with the flip of an ignition switch This means you'll save on the cost of overheads such as the cleanup of ash, hauling it away and the storage of wood Some models offer alternative fuel effects, such as the crystal ice effect This lets you have a modern aesthetic without losing comfort Electric fireplaces are fantastic because they can be set in any room in your home They also don't require a chimney, making they're ideal for new builds and flats They also work great for zone heating You can shut off the central heating and only warm the rooms you're in This approach can reduce your energy expenses and also lower your energy bills Versatile on location Many people favor the natural, rustic look of a wood-burning stove when selecting a fire for their home Some people prefer modern conveniences and efficiency Electric log burners are a great choice for those who want the best of both worlds Electric stoves are an excellent option for homeowners looking to add warmth and style without the need for costly or extensive renovations Electric stoves can be installed into an existing fireplace opening, or as freestanding units that allow you to be more flexible These stoves produce a realistic flame effect thanks to their ingenuous design and technology Dimplex's proprietary technologies create realistic flame effects that are difficult to distinguish from actual logs of wood burning Electric stoves can be thermostatically controlled so you can maintain a constant room temperature with the touch of a button A lot of electric fires have stunning flame effects, but also come with the option of different fuel effects This feature lets you alter the appearance of the electric fire to fit your decor It's great for those who love the experience of preparing an actual wood-burning fireplace, but don't have a chimney Electric log burners are simple to install and maintain which is the reason they are popular heating methods Log burners require a chimney to ensure proper operation, however electric fires can be installed to an inglenook or another existing fireplace openings They can also be used as stand-alone units and can operate with mains power If you're interested in learning more about the options available to you speak to your local retailer who will be able to provide additional advice and guidance They can assist you in choosing the best model for your lifestyle and installation requirements They'll also be able to advise you on the advantages and benefits of a gas or traditional flue stove, if you prefer Easy to maintain Electric fireplaces are a great way of heating your home while reducing energy consumption They are easy to set up and don't require chimneys and are very low maintenance However, they will require some regular care and cleaning to ensure they're looking and functioning as good as possible Contrary to wood and gas fireplaces, an electric one does not produce any soot or ash, which can get accumulated over time It is much easier to clean an electric fire however, you must follow the guidelines in the user's manual Electric fires comprise three main areas that need to be cleaned the emberbed, the heating outlets and inlets, and the glass Before cleaning the emberbed, it is crucial to take out any decorative elements This can be done using the use of a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and dust It is recommended to inspect the connections of the flame effect generators frequently and also the remote control battery The outlets and inlets of an electric fire are susceptible to dirt build-up, which could block airflow and cause the appliance to overheat It is important to use a soft, damp cloth or sponge to clean the insides of the inlets and outlets of an electric fire, but you shouldn't attempt to access the inside of an electric log burner This can be dangerous and can lead to a hazardous situation The fact that an electric log stove can be controlled by a remote is one of its biggest advantages This allows you to control the flame and heat from the comfort of an armchair Electric log burners are also safe to use around children It is more secure than a wood-burning fireplace since it does not contain an actual flame https//wwwfireplacesandstovecom/categories/electric-stove-heaters 's also smell-free meaning it won't emit smoke which can cause allergies sufferers Electric fires are an ideal option for people who live in smaller houses or have high levels of insulation, since it doesn't require as much energy to heat the room Energy efficient Electric log burners are a great choice for homes that want to cut down on carbon emissions They are not only cheaper than a wood or gas-burning fireplace, but also emit no harmful emissions Plus, they're perfect for heating in a small area, meaning you can switch off your central heating system and simply warm the area you're in, not the entire house You can move an electric fireplace that is freestanding from room to This allows you to create instant warmth and ambiance no matter where you are in your home If you're looking for an elegant traditional style or more modern, there are many styles to pick from Some of our electric fireplaces come with different fuel effects, such as crystal ice effect and log burner style, so you can find the perfect fit for your home One of the greatest advantages of using an electric log burner is that it is capable of not generating any heat whatsoever This means that you can create an impressive centerpiece for your fireplace while reducing your energy bills and assisting in saving the environment This is particularly useful for those who have existing masonry fireplaces, since installing an inset fire is more complicated than plugging into log sets But don't worry - it's a simple process You don't have to run a gas line, or vent it up the chimney All you need is an electric outlet close by Another option is to buy an electric fireplace insert - this is a steel box that is designed to fit in your existing hearth with a surround trim that fills in any gaps A fan and heater in the unit push warm air into the room There's also an LED "flame" projected onto the screen Certain of our electric fireplaces are compatible with remote controlled thermostats This lets you manage the flame and heat effect settings using your smartphone or tablet This is a great way to achieve the ideal temperature throughout your home, while saving money on your electricity bills by heating only the rooms you're using